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    Don Longton shows up on Green Martian with the impressive three tracker – Breaker EP. The son of a Jazz pianist, Don was drawn into the synth sound since the early 70’s and was fascinated by the sounds of ELP, Rick Wakeman and others. He then caught the bug and started to produce his own sounds during the MIDI boom. Although he was constantly on the move, moving to new homes, he continued to play music. In his own words Don is inspired by the incredible talent within the music industry and he is on course to unleash his own sound on the world. He debuted on our flagship label Bonzai Progressive back in 2016 with the fantastic It’s Pouring Outside with much attention. Great to see him back.

    Breaker is a solid progressive mover filled with an array of surreal sounds that combine effortlessly to create a twisted dream state. The track is powered by a punchy kick drum and rhythmic percussion arrangement alongside a gut busting offset bassline that moves wonderfully through the track with excellent note changes and variations. Subtle arpeggios fill out the spectrum while the lead synth captivates with its luring advances. Deep, hypnotic and downright brilliant, not to be missed.

    Nested intros with a shuffling hat sequence over a deep droning bass and scattered kicks. Layered pads ease in taking us on a cosmic journey to another realm as the kick drums settle into their 4×4 formation, driving the groove. The drums offer up a nice rhythmic flow while the upper frequencies dig into our minds taking us higher and higher. The attention to detail is astounding, small, intricate patterns crop up with the desired maximum effect of keeping us locked on for the duration. A real though provoking piece that demands to be heard over and over, sublime.

    Sidewinder sets out with a minimal approach featuring chunky kicks very subtle percussions and various synth tones. The background is filled out with cool perc hits and expertly crafted FX before the bassline comes in alongside beautiful keys. A short break introduces bright, shuffling hi hats and a sublime melody full of mysterious, worldly. The track flourishes with this injection of melody and settles into a solid progressive slice that will most definitely not disappoint.

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