Dimas Ramadian aka Jakarta based DJ and producer debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic North East EP. A popular DJ in the worlds of House and Techno and everything in between, this guy boasts an impressive back catalogue spanning back to 2008. Dimas has gained the respect of his peers after cutting his teeth in the Indonesian underground scene, by 2005 he was a well-known artist and soon after he started to produce his own sounds. His extensive musical knowledge allows him to command any dance floor with his choice cuts. He is the proud presenter of Indonesia’s first worldwide podcast, namely Bagong Odyssey With DJ Dimitri, and this has given him the exposure to work with talented artists from around the world and which also led to the creation of his own label Bagong Digital. With appearances on many labels including The 45MF Group, Bagong Digital, Celestial Tracks, LW Recordings, Laxity Recordings, ACID029 and State Of Play, we’re delighted to have him on board at BP.

DJ Dimitri – North East EP, out this week on Bonzai Progressive, is featured by Beatport in the Staff Picks section at the Progressive House genre page!

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