Dennis returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Basetimes EP and HE brings along the House Lovin Criminals for their debut appearance with the equally fantastic, feet stomping On The Road Again. We last saw Dennis around April 2015 with his brilliant four tracker entitled, Takin Care Of My Shit, which gained a lot of support on the circuit. Dennis and studio partner C-Les make up the House Lovin Criminals and their mission is to take various house music fusions and bring them to new heights while retaining a classic vibe. The guys have known each other for a number of years and regularly DJed together at various parties. They went their different ways for a time before somehow getting back together and ultimately getting into the studio. A truly fresh approach from this dynamic duo and we have no doubt they will make their mark on the scene in a big way.

House Lovin Criminals’ – On The Road Again intros with a superb syncopated rhythm as chunky kicks and stabbing chords deliver the infectious groove. A cool meandering bassline comes through and sets the track firmly into its solid groove. On the break we get strange sweeping sounds that ebb and flow throughout the rest of the track. A hugely popular classic vocal shows up which adds to the retro themes running through and works so well with the sound. An absolute monster of a track that will definitely set floors alight, one to watch.

Basetimes intros with a classic styled punchy kick with a cool low end after taste and crispy hat combi. A solid FM bassline takes over and we get locked into the powerful grooves of the track. Tight drums form up creating a dancey vibe that forces you to shake that booty. Cool sweeping FX glide across the sound alongside a simple one shot vocal. Top notch stuff from Dennis that will surely get the floors moving.

Never Know takes a tough stance right from the off and powerful kicks are joined by harsh, super crisp hats and cymbals. A distant sounding vocal fades through and keeps the track locked into the deeper grooves that come pouring out. The track breaks to reveal a fantastic walking bassline that plucks its way through delivering an energetic vibe and creating a solid low end for the sound. Brilliant effort that will feature in many sets no doubt.

Trouble intros with a muted kick that leans towards the clipped higher frequency and is soon paired with snappy claps and prominent brushed snares that create its own rhythmic groove. A deep resonating bass drives the track on and leaves a wonderfully deep trail in its wake. Echoed vocals fade in and are joined by a gritty, harsh sounding synth lead that takes over the sound while the bass holds everything together beautifully. A tough edged, deep slice of house music that will definitely appeal to many.

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