Synthesizer and all things analogue loving artist duo, Deafman, join the After Dark ranks with a solid three track techno joint titled Outbreak EP. Gert-jan van Campen and Glenn van Steelandt share a passion for vintage synthesizers which led to them getting together to build tracks and a live experience. They play live sets delivering electronic music varying from acid rave to electro while presenting the potential of analogue machinery. They first met about 10 years ago, but it was only 5 years later, in 2009, that their mutual interests made them build a studio. Lost in the jungle of cables and noisy circuitry, tampering buttons and knobs, they‘re like two kids in a candy store. In 2014 they released their debut album which featured nine tracks and was made available on Soundcloud. We’re delighted and excited to have this duo on board at AD and we hope to see and hear much more from them in the future.

First up we have the dark, sinister techno thumper, Outbreak. Right from the off we get locked into a solid groove that will rip up a storm on the floors no doubt. Tough beats and slicing hats create rhythmic patterns as dark, gritty basses lurk on the low end. Dirty synth stabs will get fists pumping and the memories flooding back thanks to the retro theme throughout. A must have that will not disappoint.

Puin opens with a subdued kick drum and rumbling bass. Scathing acid lines soon fade in alongside sporadic percussions that deliver a tight groove for the dancing feet. The bassline holds the track up beautifully as the 303 patterns knock out some in-your-face, hard-edged acid lines. A superb construction with a classic vibe that will rock any venue.

Reploid intros with cool percussions, laced with FX and creating a mysterious, spacey vibe. Tough break beats and shuffling hats join in to deliver a tight groove. Heavily distorted bass synths rock the speakers as classic style synths deliver a trippy sequence. The perfect interlude track for those no-holds-barred sets, not to be missed.

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