We welcome DJ MacIntyre & Hypnotised to Bonzai Progressive with the superb, The Noetic Experience. DJ MacIntyre is a champion of prog house in its various forms. His music derives from experiences exploring mythology, philosophy and winemaking. His productions are stylistic, boasting quite an impressive back catalogue in a relatively short period of time. His album, Tandava, planted his flag in the electronic music landscape, and subsequent releases have received acclaim from some of the world’s most prominent DJ’s. He is the founder of SLC-6 Music. Kristof Dehantschutter aka Hypnotised, returns to BP. He is the owner of AH Digital, a very well-respected prog label. His tracks enjoy great support from top jocks around the world reaching top spots on Beatport and other online portals. Along with his partner in crime – PatriZe, they showcase their talents on various online radio shows each month.

The Original Mix opens with a tight kick and crispy hat combo as flurries of delicate notes cascade down the groove. A strong bassline picks up on the low end, while whispered voices add character. We get locked into the alluring narrative which intensifies as plucky synth arps open up. A rugged core drives the track making this a must have for the later sets.

Mendexx returns to BP on remix duties. He continues to carve out a niche within progressive house, doing so with a plethora of quality tracks on various labels. He has risen through the ranks, catching the eyes and ears of many which has given him a well-earned solid reputation on the scene. On the remix, we’re treated to a firm, beefing up of the original. A strong intro filled with chunky kicks and probing basses sets the tone. Wispy voices and soft melodic arps contrast beautifully against the harsher low end. A sublime groove, not to be missed.

Doriaan is back with another superb remix. He remains focused on producing quality music. His diverse musical taste inspires him to create music that has groove, melody and emotion. 2020 promises to be another good year for him, pushing the boundaries to make his sound better. Here, he takes us on a more subdued groove, with warming basses and a smooth drum section as the centrepiece. Soft melodies come through, complimenting the low end and creating an emotive atmosphere. So rich and understated, top-notch stuff.

Richard Harrington makes a welcome return to BP with a solid remix. He is a seasoned artist on the scene, a prolific producer, writer based in his own London studio for the last 18 years. He has created over 400 releases under different aliases across various genres of dance music. In 2018 Richard teamed up with MSeries and created the Knoxturnal partnership. The remix here goes straight for the jugular, offering a more powerful, upfront groove. Big beats, gritty basses and a vibrant synth line deliver the groove to the floor, forcing you to move. A nostalgic vibe that will definitely grab attention.

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