We welcome the prolific Crocy back to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic, Galleb. It’s been a while since he was last here, with Broken Lightbulb being his last effort. He has been busy as always though, releasing plenty of music on the likes of Magnetik Music among others. He’s been on top of his game for a number of years now and he continues to shine, delivering quality at every turn. Known for his deeper, intelligent excursions into progressive house, his signature style captivates, becoming infectious which is why we always get excited when he drops new sounds.

Galleb is the only track on the release and it captures the essence of dreamy, enthralling progressive house beautifully. Driven by a solid drum section and a deep droning bass, the groove is vibrant and dynamic. Vivid arpeggios and a mesmerizing lead synth create an emotive response, sending waves of euphoria through your system. Wonderfully rich and expertly crafted, not to be missed.

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