Crocy returns to Bonzai Progressive with another sublime two track EP title, Broken Lightbulb. Hailing from Slovenia, Crocy has been on top of his game for a number of years now and he continues to shine. Known for his deeper, intelligent excursions into progressive house, we always get excited when his latest offering comes through the office. This latest effort is definitely one to watch.

Broken Lightbulb opens the release, and in true Crocy style, he turns up the heat and cranks the energy levels with a solid progressive mover. Tough beats with a hypnotic bassline captivate as rolling percussions generate infectious rhythms. The break reveals a tight, sharp pluck melody that sets the track on fire. Top-notch as always. Planespotters Have Feelings Too rounds out the release, taking a more subdued, slow burning effect on the groove, which builds to a superb peak time cut. Gritty bass stabs are at its core, while sprinkles of delicate melodies caress the edges. A punchy beat and shuffling percussion combo unleashes smooth rhythms, taking this one straight to the floors.

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