We welcome Croatian electronic music production outfit Cortex Thrill back to Bonzai Progressive with the second instalment in their Cosmic Voyage trilogy, featuring a guest remix from Smorphya. From its conception, Cosmic Voyage was designed to be a comparative between modern production techniques, progressive atmospheres and intergalactic voyages. Ivo T. Montina & Robert Grizilo are the brains behind the operation and together, they’ve been on a journey spanning over 3 decades, devoting their time to creating thought provoking sounds. They remain a popular figure at Bonzai and we’re always excited to hear their latest works.

The release opens with the vibrant progressive vibes of Proxima Centauri. Distinctive bass stabs carve out driving low end as rhythmic drums and a punchy kick deliver smooth rhythms. The break is dominated by gated synths and quality FX, with emotive note changes drawing focus. Andromeda is up next, with it’s barbed, directly impactful bass stabs powering the groove. Celestial sequences filled with dreamy synths and alien FX add depth and character on this charging prog mover. The Original Mix of Pulsar is next. A more defined progressive groove emits from the array of other-worldly sounds. Lush basses drive as tight beats keep the rhythm flowing against a backdrop of melodic synths cascading arps. A stunning slice that will not disappoint. Smorphya aka Francesco Morosini debuts on BP with a solid remix of Pulsar. He started out as a DJ playing various electronic styles across some of Europe’s biggest venues. A natural progression into music production followed where he ended up releasing over 130 singles in the 90’s under various guises, and remixing the likes of Emmanuel Top, Rubicon and Grandmaster Flash. Great to have him here. On the remix, we’re drawn deeper into progressive house, with darker vibes and a moody undertone. Contrasting arpeggios add brighter elements before a very intriguing break reveals a cosmic display that climaxes with a rolling snare to the final act. Event Horizon concludes the release, leaving us at the edge of the universe in anticipation for the finale of this inspiring trilogy. The track itself gives the illusion of a different time signature, with radio chatter delivering a narrative that puts the voyage at the boundary of no return. Delicate notes and a deep, brooding bassline are joined by beautifully crafted atmospherics that put us into the heart of the groove. Top-notch stuff.

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