CompleteJ aka US based DJ and producer Josh Routin debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the sublime Tell-Tale. Josh spins regularly at various clubs and holds a residency at Kingdom Austin Night Club as well as being a part of Real Music Events. Over the last few years he has worked alongside many artists and has seen releases on the likes of Beat Binge, Deep Binge, Tiger Records, Big Alliance Records, Peakhour Music, Pyramid Recordings, Pop Rox Muzik, Soniquarium Muzika, LuPS Records, GruvTech Recordings and Pulse Records. Delighted to have him on board and look forward to more in the future.

Tell-Tale intros with a surreal sequence filled with crackling noises and a buzzing fly alongside other, imaginative sounds that combine beautifully. A muted kick fades through and transforms into a monster with a pounding thump and bassy aftertaste. A throbbing bassline comes out of nowhere and drives the groove on with relentless power while tight drums are formed creating a solid rhythmic flow. The track takes on its epic persona as the layers build taking us deeper into its surreal, dark progressive world. Intense pads and sizzling synths make up the main body of the track and deliver a wonderfully rich texture to the sound. A must have track for sure.

Josh teams up with fellow US based producer, Mr Sativo on Born In Darkness – which comes in two flavours, Vox Mix and Dub Mix. The Vox Mix intros with a superb drum filled sequence that delivers a full on deep progressive tribal vibe that lulls you in. A solid kickdrum joins in and the rhythm is let loose. In the background haunting voices ebb and flow as rich strings and pads sweep across the sound. The bass sits very subtly under the track and packs a huge low end boost that drives the groove beautifully. Darker, more atmospheric sounds converge as that raspy vocal flows through becoming a huge part of the track. The Dub Mix strips out the vocal completely for those you interested in the music only. Both tracks are definitely destined for those late night parties that you will not want to miss.

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