For the last number of years Finnish DJ and producer Chantola has been providing some fine quality cuts in many forms for our labels. He continues this trait with the superb Lionheart EP which is filled awesome progressive beats and lush vibes that will definitely find their way into many sets.

First up we have the title track – Lionheart – which goes straight into a wonderful progressive groove right from the off. Nice and chunky kick drums lead the way alongside a groovy exotic bassline that will have the bootys shakin and the sweat drippin in no time. A tight drum arrangement keeps the rhythm flowing as the Latin inspired grooves take hold. Cool vocals and stabby keys add fantastic textures to the sound. A must have track no doubt.

New World takes us deeper into the progressive abyss with a pounding kick drum leading the charge alongside crispy hats and a deep, warm pads. A solid drum section builds up and we find ourselves locked onto the tight rhythmic groove. As the track continues to dig deep into your body the bassline mesmerizes with its lush tones and groovy vibe. A superb slice that will not disappoint.

University Of Life intros with a perfectly tuned kick drum that sends out a real punchy thump. This is joined by cool crispy hats and stuttering percussions that build into a fine flowing rhythm. Stabby keys deliver a true house vibe as a rumbling bassline takes the groove deeper. Top notch stuff that will definitely get the floors rocking.

#chantola #bonzaiprogressive