Finnish DJ, producer and Club 86 Recordings label boss Chantola returns to Bonzai Progressive after a bit of a hiatus with the superb Casablanca. It was almost 18 months ago when we got our last glimpse of this guy with the fantastic It’s Not What You Say, which was well received among many. Since then he has been quite buy with some juicy releases on his Club 86 Recordings among others. Always nice to see this guy back, he’s been around BP for quite a while now and we’ve no doubt he will continue to deliver the goods. Casablanca comes backed up with two top notch remixes.

The Original Mix intro with a nice arrangement of percussions, punchy kicks and a cool bassline that weaves through the sound beautifully. House styled, heavy chord stabs burst through and take the track on a collision course with the 80’s as big synth riffs come into play. As the layers build you’ll find yourself locked on the infectious grooves that seep out of this collection of fantastic sounds. Brilliant stuff from Chantola that you do not want to miss.

Belgian DJ and producer Nico Parisi steps for remix duties and delivers another of his progressive house filled journey’s that you don’t want to end. Nico’s last outing – Forty Jokers, gained a lot of interest as did his superb remix for Dark Soul Project & Mathov featuring Fe Malefiz’s We Are Not Alone back in March 2015. Since then he has been very busy indeed with gigs and festivals, including a superb set at Tomorrowland. On top of that his works are a continuous feature on many compilations, most recently Bonzai’s newest mix concept – In The Mix which featured a sublime mix from Airwave. When it’s time to get deep into progressive grooves we know that Nico will deliver, the remix intros with that in mind. Punchy kicks with a noisy tail and some bright and crispy hats and cymbals provide a solid rhythmic flow alongside a bubbling bassline that sits beautifully underneath. Warmer sounds fade in from the back as pads sweep through with a soft embrace which contrasts well to the harsher sounds. The bassline begins a transformation that ebbs and flows throughout before the track breaks to reveal some brilliant melodic sequences with intricate patterns.

El Paso based DJ and producer Altek is up next on the remix and ramps up the progressive vibes with style. Back in June 2015 was his last outing with the superb – Someone on Green Martian, which saw great support. Altek started DJing in 2006, mostly Trance from labels like Anjunabeats, Armada, Alter Ego, AVA Recordings, Black Hole Recordings,†Coldharbour Recordings, †Enhanced Music, Euphonic Records and many more. As the years progressed and sounds changed his style has evolved into the deeper realms of progressive house, deep house, and techno. On the remix we get led into the prog world with ease as those chunky kicks are met with very cool synth pluck, rich vox and a teasing bassline that’s just waiting to pounce. A wonderfully melodic flavour strides through the sound which really holds your imagination. Sweet little arps dance playfully along and mesmerize as they go. On the break the track unleashes it’s secret weapon in the shape of those big 80’s styled synths that provide a brilliant climax amidst an array of melodies. Top notch stuff here that is most definitely not to be missed.

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