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L.S.G. returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Supercycle which comes with a fantastic remix from Lily Pita. Supercycle first appeared on Oliver’s 2017 album Double Vision – which has received rave reviews from across the board thanks to the album’s complimentary two part structure. Oliver Lieb aka L.S.G. continues to be a hugely important figure to artists and music lovers, his career spans almost 3 decades and in that time he’s delivered hundreds of tracks under various guises. He is most known for his cutting edge techno and trance, but he also produces memorable downtempo, ambient and tech house. His works have featured on the legendary Superstition Records as well as other labels including Hooj Choons, Yoshitoshi, Platipus and Sven Vath’s Harthouse where his Spicelab moniker dominated. In 1996 his tracks were picked up for some of our own labels starting with an appearance on XTC Trax 3 with Fontana which led to other inclusions on compilations for Bonzai Trance Progressive, Tripomatic and Tranceportation. Over the last number of years he has moved into a much more audio engineering role with mastering being something he spends a lot of time doing among other things. A true legend in his field with lots more still to come no doubt.

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Bilboni aka Slovene musician Goran Bilbija debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the wonderful two tracker entitled Off Road EP. Goran’s early starts in the field were marked by attending and concluding a music school, where he learnt to play the accordion. As a teenager, his passion for music accelerated to the point where he would spend all his monthly pocket money on borrowing/buying new records. Growing up, he started tasting the club life. Drawn by the electronic sounds, he would always be the last to go home. At that point he was inspired by the early Euro sounds such as LA Style, as well as EuroDance, Culture Beat, 2 Unlimited and Captain Jack to name a few. As a professional sportsman (handball), Goran had to give up on his music dreams for a while, yet he never completely stopped his production. At the age of 20, he established a successful music duo 2 Alive and signed quite a few contracts with various record labels. After years of music production, Goran finally decided to dedicate his time fully to music, issuing his very own tracks. Inspired by world famous DJ’s, such as Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Luciano, Julian Jeweil and others, he sees himself most in tech house vibes. Being fully committed to his fans, he is always open for new suggestions and critique. Convinced that self-awareness is the key to delivering quality, you can certainly expect no less than a technical perfection of mesmerizing beats.

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Barletta, Italy based DJ and producer Michele Battaglia debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb tech house fuelled Getta EP. Michele’s passion for music became evident from a young age. He discovered a whole world of new sounds and DJ’s which inspired him and fed his desire in music. Tech House and techno are two genres he feels most comfortable in and since 2015 he has seen release on labels such as Sousa Label and Shaman Records. A rising talent with lots to offer, hopefully we’ll be seeing more soon but for now enjoy this solid cut.

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Klaus Benedek marks his Piston Recordings debut with the impressive Never Get Out EP. Klaus grew up in a small town near Vienna. His interest in electronic music began during the 90’s techno hype. He spent hours watching video clips on MTV and viva, gaining knowledge about electronic music. In 2004, he began teaching himself to produce. Gathering his inspiration wherever he could, he began collecting 12″ vinyl records the same year and 2 years later got his first DJ gigs. From 2008 till 2010 he was one of the resident DJ’s at the MNML Thursdays in the Camera Club. In 2012 he started, along with Alex Kolodziej, the event series Tellerbetrieb. Currently he finds most of his inspiration in Chicago House, Deep House, Disco and Breakbeat. After releases on labels like Petrol Dollar, Subversaal, Rekooda, Soul Shift Music, Clean and Dirty Recordings and Tanzbar, Klaus launched his own label ForTunea in 2014.

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Mr. Operator sets out with a nice punchy kick drum and accompanying percussions that set the rhythm off. Classic style bass synths get the asses shaking as warm chords come through. A dirtier more prominent bassline takes over that will definitely translate well on the floors. A well rounded and perfectly executed house music arrangement that will be a welcome addition in any set.

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Let The Music Ride intros with a classic house set up complete with pumping kick drum and slicing hi hats. Rhythmic percussions form up alongside a slow moving bassline that fills out the low end perfectly. Cool vocals litter the sound adding character and keeping the house vibe alive. Raucous fills with rolling snares and FX add strong dynamics to the sound while on the break the vocals take centre stage before those snappy snares take us back into full on mode for the duration. Top notch stuff.

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Piston Recordings presents Ghettoblasters 2 which features 15 top notch cuts covering several genres that will get the party juices flowing and fill the floors. We’ve selected only the finest in house, tech house and deep house for your listening pleasure. Tracks and remixes from the likes of V.I.O Pablo Cornejo, Nereo, Delphie, Ilario Laggetta, The Slum Vagabonds, Michael Brandi, Le Mills, Mike Denitz, Mirco Gorelli and Pierpaolo Pierotti, Eat Dust, Stranger Boys and more are all on hand to provide the floor fodder. An absolute must for the serious jocks looking to up their game.

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The legend that is Airwave is up next in our year long remix series celebrating our quarter of a century at the forefront of electronic music. There can be no doubt that much of our collective success is down to this guy. Since his humble beginnings in the early-mid nineties to an internationally acclaimed artist, DJ and producer, he has never lost his vision and has stayed true to his fans and his Bonzai family. Of course there have been ups and downs, but Laurent powered through, releasing quality sounds at every turn. His very much revered, turn of the millennium track – Lightspeed – propelled his status to even greater heights while delighting his army of dedicated fans and attracting new attention from a younger generation. For this special remix Laurent teamed up with long term studio partner Marnik Braeckevelt under their progressive tech guise – Antidote, to deliver a wonderfully crafted slice of pure mesmeric sounds. Marnik has carved out his place in electronic music history thanks to his hugely impressive CV which saw him working for N.E.W.S. and Antler Subway. He soon found himself working with Bonzai where he helped shape the label and the sound as we know it today. With a ton of remix, writing, compiling and arrangement credits under his belt, he certainly knows how to work a track. Together as Antidote the guys have been churning out some seriously impressive cuts since 2002. They hit the ground running with the solid progressive trancer Paragliders, that always got the floors moving and the duo quickly gained a solid rep within the scene, and it’s no wonder given the level of experience and expertise on the table.

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Podgorica based DJ and producer Ognjen Vukovic aka AudioStorm returns to Bonzai Progressive with another sublime progressive outing that will take you higher and higher with two solid cuts on The Passenger EP. Ognjen is one of the first Montenegro ambassadors in quality production covering all styles without limits with an expertise in deep, progressive house grooves. From his early childhood he was fascinated by music. He enjoyed its energy and beauty and it was that which made him decide to follow a career in electronic music. He quickly realised that he had to absorb as many different genres of music as possible and became obsessed with bands like Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Joy Division, Sting, Simply Red, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield to name but a few. By the beginning of the 90s, he turned his attention towards the pioneering electronic bands of the burgeoning underground dance scene and in particular the music that was coming from Goa, India. As his interest in electronic music grew, he began to write his own tracks which are now supported by many of his childhood heroes. He now has releases on multiple labels including the legendary Bonzai Progressive, System and Baroque through to Balkan Connection, Mystique Music and Polytechnic among many others. A multi-talented producer who does not let genre boundaries cloud his musical vision.

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Matt Black returns to Bonzai Progressive for his full debut with the impeccable Mindscape. We first saw Matt here on remix duties for Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth as part of our 25 year special remix series. The remix went down a treat with many DJ’s placing it high in their charts as well as top recognition on download portals. Matt has been making music since the mid 90is but it was when he started Segment records in 2003 that his work really began to get noticed. Since quitting the label in 2014 Matt has gone on to have tracks signed to labels such as Stripped digital, Mirabilis and Pro-B-Tech and has had remixes on labels such as Crop Circle, Emotional Content and 3rd Avenue. In the past Matt’s music has been supported by DJis such as Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo and has been played on both major radio stations and internet stations such as Proton radio and Frisky. With more projects and releases to come in 2017 Matt continues to develop as an artist as his star continues to rise.

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Simon Shaw debuts on Piston Recordings with the fantastic Let The Music Ride EP. Over the years electronic dance music has really grabbed his attention. He boasts a wide range of musical genres in his collection which led him to start experimenting with different styles of House music. He is a completely self-taught DJ, buying all the necessary gear with money saved up and, learning by bringing a new piece of musical technology home, plugging it in, and pushing all the buttons until something happened. He has always been inspired by the big names in the game and keeps pushing hard to achieve the goals he sets himself. His biggest goal is to ensure that the party go’er has an amazing night while playing in local bars and clubs in his home town and surrounding area. From here he went on to play venues like Pacha London as well as southern English venues like Mansion, Cliff Pavillion, Zinc and Sunrooms among others.

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This special release features the Charlotte de Witte rework. She gets to grips with The First Rebirth and man oh man what track it is. With a solid rep as a Techno DJ, Charlotte is a perfect candidate for this one thanks to her hands on approach to production which has resulted in several floor killers. Here she takes the ultimate Bonzai classic from a dizzying 160BPM to a nice and groovy 130BPM while bridging the gap between past and present. The track intros with a warming glow as lush kick drums lead the way followed by that infectious melody which fades in slowly. Bubbling underneath the track you’ll find a wonderfully warm bassline that lures you in, locking you into the groove. On the break the melodies dominate and hypnotise before Charlotte unleashes those pitching synths in a huge climax, slamming us back into full on mode. A definite must have that will keep the serious Techno floors moving.

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Russian music artist Montw aka Stanislav Prokofiev debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the outstanding Nocturnal. He was born and still lives in Moscow and became interested in electronic music in 2005. He likes to try different styles but over time he has settled on a more dark progressive sound. He boasts an impressive discography on several labels including Mistique Music, 3xA Music, Clinique Recordings, Electronic Tree and Addictive Sounds. A wonderfully talented artist with lots more to offer, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

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Mario Silva aka Eat Dust is back at the helm on Piston Recordings with another stomping tech house joint entitled Lonely Spaceship EP. We just can’t get enough of this guy, this one marks his 9th outing for us and he just keeps getting better and better. With regular high chartings on several portals and playlists, Mario certainly brings his best to the table every time. So much more still to come from this guy so stay tuned.

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Joyfull Family is made up of 3 like-minded Italian DJ’s and producers, Cristian Carpentieri, Guido Nemola and Chico Perulli and they return to Piston with the superb Mediterraneo. Ten years ago these guys got together to create underground tracks and house remixes. Their 2005 hit – Da Breaker got plenty of airtime, notably through gaining top spot on various European charts including Pete Tong’s Essential Selection. They went on to remix for international stars like Corrina Joseph and Shawn Christopher as well as a remix for Cajmere and Dajae’s Brighter Days. Their last outing – Keep On Dubbin’ EP – from Summer 2017 gained great support and we’ve no doubt this one will follow suit.

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