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Night Shift Master aka Vlad Medvedev returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Gravity which is backed up with a superb remix by Nico Parisi. This one follows the equally fantastic Tribalistic which gained a lot of support and continues a string of quality cuts thus far. Israeli DJ and producer Vlad started to study in a music school when he was 6 years old. After completing his studies at the music school (focusing on Violin and Piano), he graduated from the music academy of his home town, when he was 16. While getting his B.A degree in audio technology and sound engineering, he produced music in the styles of Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance. Vlad has been also composing music for movies, commercials, performs as a DJ and participates in many other music projects. During his DJ sets, Vlad incorporates performance that are special and unique.

17 June 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Sydney based artist Jim Wilson aka Somersault, debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the impressive three track The Upsetter EP. Somersault’s music is uncompromising. Heavily influenced by the shuffling rhythms of dark UK garage, atmospheric techno and deep melodic house, Somersault straddles the line between the delirious highs and murky lows with a sound that takes his unique sets to some of the most respected outdoor festivals and underground clubs across Australia. The talented producer has come a long way from session guitarist to forging a signature brand of house, progressive and techno. He has released his works on a plethora of top labels with support from top jocks, worldwide. Great to have him on the books at BP.

17 June 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Colombian DJ and producer John Niño aka Zalvador marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with the excellent Chronology which is backed up with a quality remix from Ewan Rill. With a wealth of experience on the DJ circuit, John decided to step into the studio in 2016 to explore his sound and form an identity he can translate into clean, melodic progressive sounds. Since 2018 he has released a few tracks and is currently working on more. A rising talent we’re delighted to have on board.

10 June 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Fatih Kosar and Eren Eren debut on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Lock-In which features a fantastic remix from Manu Riga. Hailing from Istanbul, Fatih and Eren have carved out a solid reputation on the dance music scene. Faith’s passion for underground music during his early years, led him to electronica and, a job at the popular Twenty club. From here he started to gather dance records, gaining experience and forming a party collective called Groove Therapy. He remains an underground DJ and he loves the deeper sounds of house and progressive. Eren is obsessed with spreading sound frequencies that expand the sonic boundaries of the present by feeding off the past and future roots of culture. A lover of several genres, his sets are innovative and raw. He’s held residencies as top Istanbul clubs, playing alongside a host of world-renowned jocks and ha has presented his own radioshows. Great to have both of these super talented artists on board at Bonzai.

10 June 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Fresh off remix duties on Platunoff’s Unbreakable, Rafa Alcantara returns to Bonza Progressive with the superb Himalaya EP. Also known as DJ Killer, Rafa is one of the most influential DJ’s in Spain having been instrumental in building the electronic music scene there. From the early 90’s he has been a constant presence on the local scene as well as playing on the world stage at top festivals and clubs. He co-founded Negritta Records in 2000 and quickly became noticed by the likes of Pete Tong who offered great support on BBC Radio 1. Great to see him back once again.

3 June 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Russian DJ and producer Igor Platunoff is back at Bonzai Progressive after a short hiatus with the superb Unbreakable, which is backed up with two quality remixes from Stan Kolev and Rafa Alcantara. This one follows the equally impressive Primavera and a successful collaboration with Blufeld on their superb cut Tiefe Gedanken back in May 2016. Igor has also appeared on several of our compilations over the years and has seen a plethora of releases on various other imprints. Always a pleasure to hear his latest offerings and we hope to see more soon.

27 May 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Marcin Stepien aka Neptun 505 is back at Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Event Horizon. This two tracker follows his last effort here with Lunar EP which gained great support. Since then he’s been busy with lots of releases on various labels, great to see him back once again. Growing up Marcin listened to music from hip-hop to dance. Over time electronic music took his interest so he started to study the roots of this type of music. Artists like Michael Cretu (Enigma), Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre are the people who had the greatest impact on him. He started to make own music in 1999 but 2008 was a real breakthrough year for him with original and remix releases on labels like Magnetide Records, UDTK Records, and then later on Dirty Stuff Records, Electronic Tree, Mistique Music, Smart Phenomena Records and Passion Fruit Recordings. He has also delivered quality cuts over on our own Green Martian imprint. Always one to watch, a hugely talented artist indeed.

27 May 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Serbian DJ and producer Nemanja Petrovic aka Gibbon debuts here on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Wanted EP. This one follows his Dance of Nature EP on our Green Martian imprint from 2014 and it’s great to see him back for more. Nemanja has been interested in electronic music since he was a child. At just 13 years old he had a desire to learn about DJing and he quickly mastered the art of mixing soon after. At 18 he was presented with every aspiring DJ’s wish when his parents gave him his own DJ equipment which led to him perfecting his new found craft. The gigs started to flow after this and allowed him to explore all genres of dance music. He settled on Tribal, Progressive and Deep House but also likes some old funky Disco and Disco House. In 2010 he made his first steps into music production which at the start was more of a hobby. By 2013 he secured his first release on Niraya World with Monkey Business which was remixed by a slew of artists and got support from many quarters.

20 May 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


We continue to celebrate one of our most prolific artists of the last two decades and, as promised, in recognition of this amazing feat, we are proud to present 18 brand new and exclusive remixes. These tracks have been hand-picked to represent the diversity of Airwave’s sound with each remix complimenting that sound in the artists own, unique way. We’ve enlisted some of underground dance music’s finest including Gai Barone, Melissa Nikita, Dan Nusdeo, Antidote, Stan Kolev, Basil O’Glue, Clawz SG, Pranav Mayekar, Andromedha, Crocy, Galestian, Kandar and Zankee Gulati. If that wasn’t enough, Airwave himself has provided four very special remixes of four very special classics that are sure to send the fans into a frenzy. We really couldn’t be more delighted with this amazing collection and think you’ll agree that Airwave could not be more deserving of such a fitting tribute to his continuing legacy.

13 May 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Orquesm return to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Techno infused album titled Casus. This one follows their recent debut here with DragOn which performed very well indeed. Orquesm are a Dutch DJ and producer duo aka Jeffrey Bakker & Michael Ulrich. They started out in the nineties playing at some of the biggest nights in the Netherlands alongside a plethora of top, well-known DJ’s, so it’s no surprise that these strong roots have given them the ability to make and play such great music. Their style varies depending on what they feel like producing and all their productions have a strong rhythmic drive as a basis. To date they have a very impressive list of releases to their name on several labels and their sound is championed by many well-established jocks and producers. Great to see them back.

13 May 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


R3cycle and Roy Lebens to Bonzai Progressive with Babylon which follows their debut here with Thousand Pounds at the start of 2019. R3cycle aka Shahar Shtrikman got into music from a very young age. In 1996 he was introduced to music making program Impulse Tracker which led him to get studying to become a sound engineer. With an impressive release count, Shahar likes to focus on creating nice atmospheres and melodies. Roy has also seen a raft of releases on several labels. A bit more mysterious than his studio partner, the guys have worked together on occasion. In 2014 they also had an appearance on our Club Traxx Progressive House 1 compilation. Nice to see the back for more progressive goodness.

6 May 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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