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Ricardo Piedra is back at Green Martian with his fifth solo effort titled Manta. Ricardo has seen releases on our flagship Bonzai Progressive imprint as a solo artist as well as alongside studio partner Gabriel West. Over the last few years he’s racked up quite an impressive back catalogue across several labels, gaining a solid rep on the scene. Always a pleasure to have him here at GM.

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Fanizza and Andrew Cash join forces to deliver the superb Galaxia. Fanizza aka Fausto Fanizza has been a prominent figure in the dance music scene for many years now. He teamed up with Thomas Schwartz for their Bonzai debut with Mbira as well as forming the hugely successful Starchasers back at the turn of the millennium and since then he’s racked up a very impressive catalogue under various guises. His works have appeared on several top labels and his music is consistent with pure quality and inspiration. Italian native Andrew Cash aka Sunlight Project returns to BP alongside Fausto for his full debut after first appearing here on the remix for Mbira. Over the last number of years, he has carved out a solid niche in the narrow gap between trance and progressive. Known for creating dreamy, uplifting melodies and steady basslines, his works have gained a great deal of support from top jocks and artists alike including Paul Van Dyk, Manuel Le Saux, Dash Berlin and Armin Van Buuren.

15 October 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Andrew Lewis is back with his latest offering titled Captivate EP which comes hot on the heels of his remix for Anthony Yarranton’s Meridian from just a few months ago. This one marks his fourth outing for us at Bonzai Progressive – as well as a few remixes – and each time he manages to blow us away with his creative skills. Andrew has almost two decades of experience. He started out in progressive music and quickly found a niche with his sublime sound. He also has releases under Se7enth Fury, Grammaton Records and Sold Soul Records and he continues to make a big splash in the industry. He combines a deep knowledge of various genres along with solid DJ skills which is why we’re always excited when he delivers new material.

15 October 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


It’s already that time of year again when we head off to ADE for a huge party and maybe some work too. Over the last number of years, we’ve brought you top quality tracks on our yearly ADE compilation and, this year is no exception. We’ve rounded up 50 of the hottest progressive and tech tracks from our extensive archives for your listening pleasure. Get your party rocking with tracks and remixes from the likes of Airwave, Ewan Rill, L.S.G., AudioStorm, Tom Wax, Gai Barone, Manu Riga, Nico Parisi, Greg S, Cherry, Paul Hawcroft, Rise and Fall, Experimental Feelings, Koschk, Van Czar, Ken Ishii, Robert Babicz, Rick Pier O’Neil, Audio Noir, Stan Kolev, Lily Pita, Jacob Singer, DJ Dag & Matthew Kramer, Lio Q, Karim S and many more. A comprehensive guide to underground sounds that will not disappoint.

10 October 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Thorin is back at Bonzai Progressive with the superb Let go which features his outstanding original as well as two quality remixes. It’s been a while since we’ve had a full release from this guy, he has provided solid remixes in the times since his last full cut – Secrets. Despite the hiatus he remains consistent in delivering top notch sounds, something we’ve become accustomed to from him. As ever we’re delighted to see him deliver the goods once again and we have no doubt we will be seeing much more.

8 October 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Abrupt Gear marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with the hugely impressive Dark Reaction which, as the name suggests, is a much deeper, underground sound from what you would normally hear him churn out. Over the last couple of years this guy has ramped up his profile to become a very much revered artist. His work has been championed by the likes of Armin Van Buuren and Markus Schulz among others. He has released on a plethora of labels and no doubt we’ll be seeing much more from him in the future.

8 October 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


St. Petersburg based producer returns to Green Martian with the superb Digital Soul. This one comes after his debut this time last year (2017) when he delivered the excellent Earth Resonance and no doubt we’ll be in for a real treat now as we were then. Since graduating from music school Fashion Police became interested in electronic music. He has a unique approach to writing his own music and he uses his 10 years of music school experience as his basis. In 2008 he got his first release with Inside Me on 4 Seasons and since then there is no stopping this seriously talented artist. With affections for multiple genres, his work has been supported by a broad spectrum of DJ’s around the world.

8 October 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Miami-based DJ and producer Stan Kolev returns to Bonzai Progressive with the stunning Utopia which features two solid remixes from Crocy and Audio Noir. No stranger to us here at Bonzai, over the years he has earned himself a place at the top of Progressive House music as a highly respected and in-demand producer. Moving to Miami from Bulgaria at an early age, Stan began producing in 1996 and by 2003 he already had a massive world-wide hit with De Moma De under the name Casa Flava, which also hit the UK Top 40 Dance Chart. He has released more than 700 originals and remixes on the most respected record labels in the world. He has also taken his music outside the club scene by producing music for Porsche TV commercials as well as having a track featured on the hit TV series CSI: Miami for several years in a row. Always a pleasure to have him here at BP.

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We welcome back the hugely talented Belgian maestro Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens with his latest effort titled Oscuridad. This one is the latest quality cut which adds to a string of top notch releases we’ve seen from Adriaan over the last several years. During this time, he has steered his musical output in a different direction, taking a much punchier, club orientated stance with melodic techno in mind while retaining a progressive sound. His sound is championed by many and crosses genres to become a universal sound which has also inspired a new generation of music producers. We’re certain that this one will blow you away and if the original wasn’t enough we’ve got four equally impressive remixes to whet the appetite with something for all kinds of sets. Enjoy the music.

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Hisham Sabbah debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Mars EP. DJ and producer Hisham is also known as Eltimass (his previous artist name) and he hails from the underground scene in Haifa City, known for his progressive house and tech house sounds, infused with hypnotic melodies. Musically he started at an early age, and by the end of 2013 he won a remix contest at Electrowavez, making a progressive house remix for a Psy-trance track. His debut release was in 2014 with The Escape EP followed by his second release in 2015 with Magnetic Field. In 2016 he opened his music bar in Haifa to promote culture and music in his hometown, he has hosted local, talented DJs and artist and made the scene even bigger in that area. Great to have him on board at BP.

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Back in 2017 we were treated to a sublime album filled with sonic gems in the form of Narel’s Losing Adequacy. Now in 2018 after much support for the album, we’re delighted to announce six remixes of tracks specially selected to bring maximum impact on the floors. Nick Simmons began to experiment with music and this hobby became a bit more serious in 2010 when his first tracks were released on the Bonzai Progressive imprint Fourty 5. His sound is rooted in oldskool progressive, progressive house, ambient and downtempo and this influence is beautifully re-constructed in his output.

24 September 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Our very own Van Czar returns to Bonzai Basiks with the thundering techno joint titled Adsum which is backed up with a superb remix from Tim Baker. Van Czar continues to delight, his creative mind never fails to deliver and in the last couple of years he has really lifted his profile in the music world. On his last outing here, he paired up with techno legend Ken Ishii on Kitai which also got a vinyl release, pleasing a lot of 12” junkies. Van has aligned himself with several electronic music legends including Dave Angel, Kevin Saunderson, Robert Babicz as well as Ken and Tim. Aside from his own productions he runs his own CZ, Ibiza Boys and Van Czar Series labels which have been responsible for some quality tracks lately. Always a pleasure having Van Czar on the roster and no doubt we will see much more in the future.

24 September 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


We welcome the magnificent Gai Barone back to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Flash, which is backed up by a solid remix from Cherry. Gai continues to churn out top quality cuts on various labels and, he is a firm favourite here at BP as his brand of deep, flowing progressive house and trance sits comfortably on the legendary label. His last outing for us – Myonic – was very well received indeed, not to mention his eclectic 2 part In The Mix 006 which also gained a physical release. As well as travelling the world, alluring his fans, his radioshow Patterns is listened to religiously by a worldwide fan base and he is held in very high regard by his peers, with many citing him as an inspiration to produce their own music. Always a pleasure to have this guy around.

17 September 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


We welcome Anthony Yarranton back to Bonzai Progressive with his superb track Meridian which is backed up with two solid remixes. It was back in 2013 when we last got a taste of Anthony’s progressive style here at BP, a string of remixes followed his well-received Cotton Candy EP. He has gained a lot of attention in a short space of time and, has been described as deep and impactful by his peers. His brand of deep, melodic progressive house has seen releases on labels like Armada, Proton, Baroque, Lowbit and of course Bonzai Progressive. Nice to see him back once again..

17 September 2018 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Creative genius Airwave aka Belgian music maestro Laurent Veronnez, returns to Bonzai Progressive with a truly outstanding 4 track EP titled Bliss. This one marks a shift in Airwave’s usual style, a shift that will grab the attention of a whole new base of music lovers. We sat down with Laurent so that he could give us the lowdown on this new direction, here’s what he had to say. “Most people know me for my energy driven multi-layered Trance productions. But there is also another side to me that deeply cherishes and admires the music you get to listen to on my LCD Sessions Podcast, notably deep, progressive, underground music. I have been experimenting with these types of sounds quite a lot lately, trying to find my own way around this style, creating my own sound within it. The result is my Bliss EP, which I am extremely proud to announce to the world. The 4 tracks are representative of what I play out on my LCD Sessions, without compromising what I am known for. Musically speaking, the new tracks are the perfect transition of where I come from and where I want to go. As with all my tracks in the past I have poured my heart and soul into this EP, it took me a long time to finally accept that they were truly perfect for me and I hope that I have made something that will also be treasured by my fans and beyond.” An intriguing insight into the creative process of a highly gifted artist, we love this new material and we know you will too.

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