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Danny eM is back with another round of quality house music in the form of his Mas House Que Esto EP that we just love here at Piston. His last outing – Voces EP – was very well received and no doubt this one will grab a lot of attention also. Based in Lima, Peru Danny is influenced by Chicago House and New York Garage. He has released on Audionumb in Peru and on Form and Function in the UK. We’re delighted to have him back once more.

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After the success of their first collaboration – Tiefe Gedanken – back in May 2015, Platunoff and Blufeld get together once more on the superb Trua which comes backed up with two quality mixes from Crocy and Kush.

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Valleraphon debuts on Bonzai Progressive alongside Dammy Ari with the stunning Give Me Your Love. Valleraphon is a multi artist collaboration between Irish DJ, producer – and former member of successful Irish rock band In Tua Nua, Martin Clancy, Greek producer and music production lecturer Vasileios Gourgourinis, Italian DJ, producer and Bonzai regular Giuliano A.L. and Carlow, Ireland rapper, singer Dammy Ari. An unlikely bunch in some regards, the age range is from 20 to 50 (we’re not saying who is closer to 50 though). This group of talented artists have bandied together to create something quite unique in the electronic music world. The range of expertise on show is staggering and goes some way to reflect the level of quality in the sound. This is a truly exciting venture that will break through boundaries as it explores new ways of creating electronic music. We are proud to present this to the world and have no doubt it will attract a lot of interest. Enjoy!

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Belfast based DJ, producer and house music aficionado Francis Keeley aka Boyard debuts on Piston Recordings with the superb two tracker entitled After Hours. Great to be on it mate! Thanks very much glad your liking the tracks. Francis (or Fra to his mates) has always wanted to make his own music, a lot of his friends were DJing and producing and he knew he wanted this also. He started to learn everything about producing around 6 years ago and in 2016 he saw his first release on Sneaky followed by top cuts on Melodymathics and Trend Records. His tracks have not only been championed by jocks from all over the world but have been remixed by the likes of Orlando Voorn, Melodymann, J Garcia and Groove Riddim to name a few. In August 2016 he played his debut DJ gig in Chalet, Berlin and has not looked back since. He draws inspiration from deep, jazzy melodic house music as well as smooth funk and disco too. When he is making music his influences range from Glen underground, Rick wade, Moodymann, Agnes, Jovonn and Ron Trent among others. For the future he plans to keep bringing out bigger tracks and put more time into DJing since he has now got the bug. It’s great to have him on board here at Piston and we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of this talented artist in the future.

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Alvaro Martins aka Upright is back at Piston and once again we are treated to another superb tech flavoured offering on the three tracker I Like This EP. This one marks his fifth release as well as appearances on The Best Of Piston Recordings 2015 and 2016. Alvaro has a clear vision on how he wants his sound to be received, strong rhythms and deep chords, the perfect recipe to light up floors. Always a pleasure to have his work drop into the mail box and we hope to see more soon.

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Chris M aka Krishna Prabawa is back with this brand new three tracker entitled Segara EP. We last got a look at this guys superb work back in December 2016 under his Jumers_27 guise with Feel You EP, and this one gained a lot of support from the progressive world. Great to have this hugely talented artist back with new material on Green Martian and no doubt we’ll be seeing more in the future.

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Do Shock Booze (pronounced Doushokubutsu) aka DJ Yoichi Hayashi debuts on Progrez with the sublime Toriteva. Yoichi built a career as a rock band singer and guitarist in the late 90s before moving into the realms of electronic music. His tracks have the scent of creative melody and ethnic taste and are attributed by modern psychedelic sounds. He has seen releases on highly renowned labels such as Traum Schallplatten, Beatfreak Recordings, Baroque Records, Bonzai and Aenaria Music. He also runs his own label Totem Traxx which has a fast growing base. His DJing style is quite unique as he blends multiple genres creating contrasting sounds and melodies. He has performed on a variety of popular radio stations such as Proton Radio, Frisky Radio, Kollektiv K (Fukushima Pref),DMiX (Oscar L) Insomnia FM and Framed FM. In May 2016 his original album Modernian was released simultaneously by German label Resopal Schallware and his own label Totem Traxx. Great to have him on board and we’re sure his tracks will be very well received.

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Our My House Is Your House series continues and in this 14th instalment we’ve gathered together 30 choice cuts from a range of labels including Piston Recordings, HoF, Eyepatch Recordings, GMR and C&D. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of Joal, Charles Ramirez, Mike Denitz, Arturo Garces, Marco Madia, JR From Dallas, Gusher, Bonetti, Cerillo, J.Nandez, Barkai & Babylon, Polyrhythm, Victor Maximiliano, Pulp Talks and many more. Deep, Tech and pure House grooves are on offer that will keep any party in full swing which is no surprise given the calibre of artists on show. Get this one into your collection, you will not be disappointed.

4 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


After a solid remix on Pilots Of The Millennium back in October 2016 we welcome the return of Experimental Feelings with the sublime Can We Try which features a stunning vocal from Gizella. Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez is the man behind this brilliant project and with every release he takes us into progressive realms we’ve never been to before. His last full release was over on our Green Martian imprint with Paradise Sound which became a go to track for many on the scene and stands as a testament to the talent he has to offer. Always one to watch, he never disappoints. Singer/songwriter Gizella (Futak) debuts on Bonzai Progressive and brings along a soul bearing vocal that sends shivers up and down your spine. With a few tracks under her belt she creates a unique character in each track that brings it to life. The perfect accompaniment to this one and no doubt the world will be seeing much more from this very talented artist.

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Hailed as one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s pioneering producers, Adnan Jakubovic debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Traffic Mind. With an impressive catalogue of quality tracks, Adnan’s production simply has no boundaries and he has never set his music under one style. His style is one of energy and love with each track carrying many characteristics from multiple genres. His first track was released in 2011 and in August 2013 he began his monthly Big Bells podcast on Tenzi.FM radio from India. Today, Big Bells podcast has thousands of listeners worldwide and is being played on several different radio stations every month. Since the beginning of 2016 Adnan became even more active and plays at many parties and festivals across Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region as well as Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. One of his greatest successes is his song Afraid of Happiness published as a part of Initializing V compilation for Suffused Music in Lithuania which was later signed as a soundtrack for K.O.D.O.B.O. – a film currently in production in Los Angeles. His tracks also appear regularly on Beatport’s top listings making him a much sought after artist. Great to have him on board.

3 April 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


SteMI aka Italian DJ and producer Stefano Minturnino returns to Piston alongside debutant Silvestro S with their superb two tracker entitled Monday Night. SteMI’s last appearance here was back in June 2016 with Timeless and since then he’s released several tracks on various labels with each one consisting of top quality vibes. Silvestro S has also been dishing out top notch vibes on different labels for over 6 years now and his work is very much revered in the scene. A dynamic pairing here that we know will yield some positive vibes among many, great to have them at Piston.

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Aveiro, Portugal born André Filipe Rodrigues aka Andy Book debuts on Piston Recordings with the deep house two tracker Short Circuit EP. Now residing in Nice, France, Andy spreads his artistic range from music to art and illustration. He has harboured a passion for electronic music for a long time and in 2007 he started to produce his own music with his first release being Geometric Drop EP which gained support from Silicone Soul among others. In 2008, together with Alexx Wolfe he got his first release on vinyl, a remix for Frederic De Carvalho. Then he started working with Sui Generiz and released the Lost Words EP which received huge feedback from the likes of Rodriguez Jr, Kolombo, and James Teej to name just a few. A highly regarded artist we’re glad to have on board.

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As Piston Recordings celebrates its 10th year at the forefront of the house music scene we present our 8th Secrets Of The Trade compilation pack. Once again we’ve filled this one with some of the finest cuts from the past year including tracks and remixes from the likes of Bart Ricardo, JR From Dallas, PulpTalks, Daniel Ray, Bjerk Peterson, Jakhira, Bonetti, Leandro Silva, Lazer Mike, label boss Rogerio Martins and many more. Our ethos remains the same, to deliver cutting edge grooves from the best up and coming producers while showcasing the talents of top artists from around the world. Get this one in your collection, you will not be disappointed.

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Mustafa Gedik debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the wonderful Rihe EP which is backed up with three exceptional remixes from Manu Riga, JoC H and John Lead. Mustafa is a DJ and producer from Istanbul, since 2008 he has been very active on the music scene having shared the stage with top DJ’s and artists as well as performances on many international radio stations. During this period he continued to development himself and has released lots of EP’s on various labels including Baroque Records, Plusquam Records, Virtual Love, Proton, Weekend Music, Lohit and many more. In the studio has worked with many likeminded artists such as 21street, Andrea Bertolini, Minimize, Rafael Osmo, G-Mohris, Mr.raf, Sterbai and Strigata to name a few. A hugely talented artist we are glad to welcome on board at BP

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Scottish DJ and producer Mendexx delivers another superb progressive two tracker entitled Flashback which comes fresh off the back of his last effort on remix duties for Cryss’ Simple Pleasure. We never tire of this guys sound, he brings a cool dynamic to the table which translates brilliantly on the floors. His warm tones are full of richness and subtle melodies which give him a unique slot in the music world. Always a pleasure to get his music through the inbox.

27 March 2017 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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