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Up next on Bonzai Progressive we have a meeting of minds from two musical maestros, namely, Phi Phi and Manu Riga. This Belgian duo are getting together properly for the first time and we’re blown away by the end product of this much anticipated clash of titans. An introduction is not really needed here, we all know the calibre of these guys and we’re more than familiar with their beautifully crafted works. Manu Riga aka Adriaan Baussens ranks high among many as a top artist, dedicated to delivering maximum experience to the listener. When he produces music you just know he puts his soul into the groove and, the best part is, he can apply this to several genres as he’s proven in the last few years having delved into the likes of melodic techno, tech, downtempo, chillout and of course progressive house. His last outing, Kurudi, was well received as ever and we hope to see more in the future. Phi Phi aka veteran DJ and producer Philippe Toutlemonde remains at the top of his game after more than 30 years in the business. He has been at the forefront of the dance music scene in Europe during that time and he was a pioneer in the early progressive trance sound. He’s continued to deliver the goods over the last several years and he regularly joins forces with other top producers where he injects his wealth of experience into the project. Always a pleasure having him here at Bonzai Progressive.

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Fresh off the back of his last EP titled Another World alongside Graham Lloris, Pavlin Petrov returns to solo mode with the impressive, and intriguingly titled, Introvert Time. Hailing from Bulgaria, Pavlin grew up listening to music by Jean Michelle Jarre, Vangleis and Enigma. He started producing in 2005 with a keen interest in ambient before he got more into progressive house. Since then he mixes his tracks with an ambient atmosphere which is essential for progressive house. He likes to experiment with every new track and express that deep and dark feeling dedicated to his unique style. Over the last 5 or 6 years he has released a plethora of music on various labels including Mystic Carousel Records, KP Recordings, Beat Block Records, Suffused Music as well as some excellent EP’s on Bonzai Progressive among others. On top of this he is a very much in demand artist on the remix circuit. Always great to have his new material drop in, he never disappoints.

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Time for another round of dancefloor destroying grooves with Tech House Toolbox 5. We’ve gathered some of the finest Tech House cuts from our catalogue to give you a head start above the rest of the pack. Tech House Toolbox 5 has all you need to get the party started and keep it locked in at full on mode all night long. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of Br!tch, Stan Kolev, Koschk, Ruslan Vashkevich, Jonny Calypso, Vlada D’Shake, Matan Caspi & Roy Lebens, House Lovin Criminals, Manuel Palmitesta, Kush, Traveltech, Bilboni, Alexey Lisin ft Aves Volare, Dennis Franchi, Ygnal, Audio Noir, Alfredo Mena and many more. An impressive collection to add to your arsenal, you know you have to.

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Fresh off the back of his last effort, True Romance, Köschk returns to Bonzai Progressive with Made Of Stars which also features two solid remixes from Audio Noir and Rise and Fall. Continuing a string of quality releases for us over the last few years, Lebanese DJ and producer Vince Aoun remains consistent in his delivery of quality sounds. He has grabbed the attention of many top jocks like Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules, and Paul Oakenfold and his tracks appeared on many labels around the globe including PVD’s Vandit Records. Known for a unique, silky smooth progressive groove, we’re always delighted when his latest creation drops through the mailbox.

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Pilato returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb Enigma EP. This one follows Emerald Tablet in which he collaborated alongside Youssif. Born and raised in South Florida, Pilato is a self-taught progressive house producer. Originally starting music in the techno scene, he decided his sound best lent itself to progressive house. His work has already appeared on well-respected labels such as Balkan Connection, Natura Viva, and Kaleydo Beats. His passion as a DJ and perfectionist propelled him to create a unique dynamic sound that tells a story which is distinctive and rare. Great to have him back for more.

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Sid Delight debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the excellent Mole Dance which features two solid remixes from F-Act and Br!tch. Also known as DJ Tema Psy, Sid Delight is a multi-format DJ and sound producer from Moscow. He began to study music from childhood, experiencing many genres. Hi interest in electronic music began in 2006 and his passion for this style grow and grows. His musical taste is by no means limited to electronic genres, he is a music lover. He believes that music is one of the best inventions of mankind. His debut track, Breeze Of Love has been performing very well having appeared on many compilations since the start of 2018. This guy is definitely one to watch for the future.

25 February 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Cherry (UA) aka Ukraine based DJ and producer Oleh Cherkes kicks off 2019 with the superb Boomerang which also features a remix from Miss Monique on his previously released and well received Masakra. No stranger to the scene, Oleh has several releases on various labels and his music enjoys a lot of support from across the board. He is also known for his dynamic, building sets that always pleases the crowd. He is notching up quite an impressive catalogue of solid tracks here for us as well as providing top notch remixes. An artist who is certainly on the up, we always look forward to his latest offerings.

Boomerang is delivered in true Cherry (UA) style, full of cosmic elements and hypnotic phrases. A solid, beefy groove is made up of chunky kicks and warm, rolling basses while mesmerizing melodies float overhead. The track builds and builds sucking us in to the break where we’re treated to goose bump note changes before climaxing back to the main groove, top notch stuff, a must have.

My Space continues the space-age like theme on this release with a trek deep into the cosmos, complete with robotic voices and infectious arpeggios. A tight drum section powers the rhythm as driving, rolling basses deliver a steady cadence for us to get down to. The arps really stand out, totally mesmerizing and on the break, they rise to a blistering climax making this the perfect track for peak time, no doubt.

Ukrainian DJ and producer Miss Monique joins us at Bonzai Progressive for her debut with a remix of Masakra and we’re hugely impressed with the delivery. Possibly the most recognised female Progressive House DJ’s in Europe, Miss Monique is gradually rising to prominence, beginning to create waves on the international circuit too. In recent years she made her debut in Ibiza, as well as hundreds of shows across the globe. Her eclectic mix of trance, progressive house and techno, gives her a versatility that is suited to intimate venues and festival headline slots alike. Since entering the studio, she has begun collaborating with some of the world’s most important DJs, her biggest and most recognisable hit titled No Fear was championed by the likes of Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Gareth Emery, and many more. Her live sets on YouTube have garnered thousands of hits, with her most popular set at Radio Intense boasting 13 million views. With 200k subscribers and counting, Miss Monique is a Ukrainian DJ worth watching out for. With her acclaimed Podcast, Mind Games, fans are treated to a fresh DJ set every month. Here, Miss Monique captures the mood of the original beautifully, creating a wholly immersive experience in progressive house. Deep droning basses are contrasted with sharp synth stabs as deft note changes raise the energy levels to the backdrop of a solid drum section. Rich voices raise the hairs on the back of your neck making this one of those tracks you just have to play out.

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Turkish DJ and producer duo Fermanz and Del Castio mark their Bonzai Progressive debut with the dark progressive tones of 3 Degrees. Fermanz grew up with a musical family and was collecting records from a very young age. Influenced by the sound of the 80’s, he started to DJ in 1999 before getting the producer bug the following year where he released his first effort titled Awakening. Several releases followed including Save A Prayer which was remixed by Stan Kolev. He decided to change his name from Peaceful Mind to Fermanz and has since signed with a few labels. So much more to come from this guy and it’s great to him here. Del Castio started his music journey in 1997 as an MC at Hip Hop parties. In 2002 he took to the decks and became a pro DJ, working at various clubs and events. His style is varied, he can turn his mixing skills to any genre which puts him in a unique position. He loves the reaction from his crowds while DJing and also when he plays his own latest creations. Delighted to have him on board and hopefully we’ll see much more in the future.

3 Degrees is an intense, deep progressive workout which intros with a nice punchy kick drum and sharp hi hat. Cool percussions make their way into the groove as dark drone pads fade in alongside sinister stabs. A prominent plucky bassline adds an urgency to the sound as more striking synth plucks come through before an acid laden bass sequence takes over, sending us high into the stratosphere. An outstanding slice that will most definitely be a welcome addition to any late-night session.

#fermanz #delcastio #bonzaiprogressive


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Rick Pier O’Neil and Chris Gavin return with more progressive goodness in the form of their Conga d’Oru which is backed up with two solid remixes. This one marks the second effort from these guys as a duo on Bonzai Progressive, following the superb Lost Elements. Rick and Chris co-own Art&Fact Records and Chris also worked on RPO Records. Chris’ music has been championed by many top jocks and producers over the years and his style of producing music always delivers a unique flavour. Accomplished French native Rick started DJing at just 14 years old, at 16 he already became a sound engineer and built his first home studio. He quickly gained a reputation as a talented artist and travelled to the US where he became embedded into the music scene there. He runs the popular Vesta Records with Manu Riga as well as other labels. Rick is a celebrated, hard working artist and it’s always a pleasure having him here.

Rick is in fine form here on the Original Mix which delivers an infectious tribal rhythm with a surging progressive groove. Tight beats lead the way alongside a deep, probing bassline and subtle melodic flurries. Rich and vibrant Ethnic voices sweep over the sound as traditional style instruments fade in. The track builds nicely while holding a smooth tribal groove making it an absolute must for the early sets.

Miami-based DJ and producer Stan Kolev is back on remix duties following his top-notch cut Utopia. Stan began producing in 1996 and by 2003 he already had a massive world-wide hit with De Moma De under the name Casa Flava, which also hit the UK Top 40 Dance Chart. He has released more than 700 originals and remixes on the most respected record labels in the world. He has also taken his music outside the club scene by producing music for Porsche TV commercials as well as having a track featured on the hit TV series CSI: Miami for several years in a row. Here, Stan delivers an epic progressive ride for us filled with chunky beats and thick, pulsating basses. Hypnotic arpeggios combine perfectly with the Ethnic flavour and on the break, we’re treated to a sublime build up and climax. An absolute monster of a track that is not to be missed.

Fresh off the back of his fantastic The Magician, Matti (TR) aka Turkish artist Ozgun Yasar Bakir steps up to offer a quality remix here. Ozgun started getting into to music in his secondary school years, with encouragement from his family. He began playing guitar for local folk and blues groups in his hometown. Soon after he got into electronic music and from here, he honed his skills, creating his own unique sound. A rising talent and one to watch. On the remix here, Matti takes us deeper, focusing on the in-your-face technique thanks to some superb filtered synths and grizzly basses. Cool FX adorn the groove creating a dynamic vibe that will transform easily to the floors. A solid cut that will definitely get the floors buzzing.

#rickpiero’neil #chrisgavin #bonzaiprogressive #stankolev #matti(tr)


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Matan Caspi is at it again, he’s created yet another masterpiece for our listening pleasure in the form of Eunoia which comes with two excellent remixes. The last several years has seen Matan’s profile grow and grow, breaking into new ground with new fans coming thick and fast. This is all down to his dedication and the way he works his progressive grooves on the floors. He started experimenting with music when he a was little kid, playing the guitar and the keyboard, mostly thanks to his father who pushed him in that direction. He later played in some rock bands before finding electronic music somewhere in late 1999 after hearing a few tracks which really made him think that by producing it you are not dependant on other players and can compose the entire track by yourself. With constant practice on some music production programs he understood that this is what he wanted to do and this proved to be his calling as the many years of quality tracks will show.

The Original Mix is a real smooth and groovy progressive house mover with a fluid theme that both captivates and inspire. Dreamy pads and that pulsating bassline make for a mesmerizing trip while tight beats get the body moving. Tranquil arpeggios cascaded through the track and are joined by more robust synths later on. The contrast between the bright melodies and the harsher, deeper sounds is simply beautiful and will not disappoint.

Köschk returns for another bite at remix duties and once again we’re blown away by the sheer talent this guy possesses. Vince always shows up, delivering the quality we’ve come to expect from him. His release count for us is hugely impressive and he has a great presence on other labels and the scene in general. Great to have him here once more, well, it always is. In true Köschk style we’re treated to wonderful trek into progressive, with a darker, more gritty tone than usual. The bassline chugs along effortlessly as a cacophony of drums and percussions get the rhythm flowing. Various styles of synth layer up to deliver that killer sound which blends beautifully with hypnotic arpeggios and that surprising vocal. A beauty of a track, not to be missed.

Jakarta based DJ and producer Lily Pita is back at Bonzai Progressive with a solid remix which follows her equally solid In A Heart Beat from just a few months ago. Since 1999 Lily Pita has been spreading the love for dance music to the crowds around Indonesia, Europe and Canada. Lily lived for clubbing before she began to develop her passion for DJing. Since then she has been performing at an impressive number of prestigious clubs. Nice to have her back. On the remix here, Lily delivers the goods once again. Starting out with tight beats leading up to a short break where the warmest of deep bass comes through alongside contrasting arps. The break displays a wealth of layered sounds that culminate in a distinctly dream-like vibe that will resonate well in any set builder.

#matancaspi #bonzaiprogressive #köschk #lilypita


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Amsterdam based Rik Balk aka Fore C debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Grey Area which includes a top-notch remix from the experienced Köschk. DJ and producer Rik is a relative newcomer to music production, this one is his first release and he’s made a fantastic first impression and, no doubt, this is a small taste of what’s to come from this guy.

The Original Mix dishes out a solid progressive house groove that draws us in right from the off thanks to a tight drum arrangement and that hypnotic bass. At its core we find a chunky groove made up of layered basses and stabby synth chords. Subtle 303 style acid phrases crop up adding a dynamic to the sound which contrasts with the unique melodic structure. Rich, swirling pads and emotive vox create hair-raising moments making this a track destined for the big stage and the discerning collector alike.

Köschk returns to Bonzai Progressive on remix duties which follows his last effort here with As Clear As Dream. Lebanese DJ and producer Vince Aoun started his online radio show Catalepsy in 2010, which ran for 5 years. Over those years, he grabbed the attention of many top jocks like Paul Van Dyk, Judge Jules, and Paul Oakenfold and his tracks appeared on many labels around the globe, until Cygnus got a notable release on PVD’s Vandit Records. After several remixes and appearances on our compilations, he began to deliver top notch original works which always grab a lot of attention and so far, we’ve seen four original pieces and twice as many remix works. Always a pleasure having him on the label. On the remix here, Köschk takes us on a truly deep and wonderful journey into the progressive house abyss. Taking the main elements from the original and transforming them into a sublime experience with a distinct cinematic vibe, thanks to those huge synths on the break. Lush basses, tight beats and a strong musical narrative are the order of the day here and this is not to be missed.

#forec #bonzaiprogressive #köschk


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