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Ruslan Haievyk aka MacroVision returns to Bonzai Progressive under his Haievyk moniker with the superb three tracker entitled Heartbeat. We last saw Ukrainian DJ and producer Ruslan back in March 2019 with the excellent Radiance alongside Isels. His love for electronic music started with The Prodigy which got him hooked. He also likes soft and powerful sounds with melodic parts. He has seen releases on several labels from across the northern hemisphere and he has won a number of music-based competitions in the last several years. His music has seen airplay on many radio stations including Kiss FM, DJFM, DFM and BBC Radio and his DJ sets are known to bring an energy to the floor and for being immersive and dynamic. As ever, it’s great to hear his newest efforts and, as usual they do not disappoint.

22 July 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Nico Parisi is up next on Bonzai Progressive, delivering another superb slice of progressive goodness. Fresh off the back of his remix for Night Shift Master’s Gravity, Nico certainly knows how to churn out quality vibes. For many years he’s been at the forefront of dance music as both a DJ and producer. It all started with a DJ gig at the infamous Atmoz club, from there he enjoyed success playing at Belgium’s top venues as well as travelling the world. He has also brought his skills to many festivals with regular appearances including Bonzai Retro, Legacy Festival, Tomorrowland, Pukkelpop and a host of other notable events. His foray into the production world started with a demo he sent to Antler Subway which was met with success when he saw his tracks championed across the world by the likes of Tiesto, Oakenfold, Cox, Van Buuren and many more. After a period of time with EMI he signed an exclusive contract with the legendary Bonzai Progressive (Bonzai Records) where his brand of smooth, deep, progressive vibes would shine. Nico now boasts a hugely impressive catalogue of original works and remixes which continues to grow with every expertly crafted construction.

15 July 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Narik debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb Try To Understand which features captivating vocals from Vancouver based singer, songwriter Zara Taylor. Narik aka Johann Bomy grew up in the 70’s, experiencing all kinds of music. But it was the New Beat, House Music era that really grabbed his attention, making him passionate about electronic music in general. He was always on the lookout for the latest tracks which helped him learn about and want to know more about where the music came from. This turned into a desire to start producing and, since 2017 he has churned out a raft of quality cuts on various labels with a great support base. We’re delighted to have him on board. Zara also debuts here and her entrancing vocals really set this one on fire. She has worked with a wide range of artists on several projects throughout the years. She lends her sultry, soft tones to different genres, always getting the desired effect. A pleasure to have here at BP.

15 July 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Blufeld and DJ Fire join forces in the studio and deliver the superb Nighted with an individual mix from each artist on the release. This is the second time around these guys have collaborated, back in 2016 they gave us First Flight To Mars on our Green Martian imprint. Blufeld and DJ Fire are names synonymous with Bonzai, Jurgen Leyers aka DJ Fire is considered with legendary status given his vast back catalogue across many of our labels in the past as well as in recent years. Best known for his work alongside Airwave on their Fire & Ice project, he also has quite an impressive collection of solo works and he was awarded an Outstanding Acheivement gong at our Bonzai Awards ceremony in 2019. Still DJing regularly at many retro events across Belgium and beyond, always great to hear his latest works. Blufeld burst onto the Bonzai stage in 2008 and has given nothing but top-quality cuts ever since. Always searching for that unique sound, he prides himself in creating music from the soul to evoke the most emotionally charged response from his listeners. He is a craftsman with a deep sense of care and love for the output and quality of his productions, a producer who works to use sound and imagination to output everything that’s inside his heart and mind to create some of the most complex and deepest emotive tracks in progressive house music. As ever, we get excited when his newest efforts come through the office.

8 July 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Gisty debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the superb progressive mover, Circle 567. Somewhat a mysterious character, Gisty keeps a low profile while letting his music do the talking. A relative new name on the scene with a couple of releases in the bag since 2016, it’s great to have this talented artist on board.

8 July 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Mumbai, India based artist Raunaq Sandhu debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the excellent Cold Heart which takes us on a deep, moody, uplifting journey. Also known as Mr Sandhu, Raunaq is an experienced electronic music producer who is now beginning to shine by spreading his music far and wide. Great to have him on board, this guy is definitely one to watch.

1 July 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Spanish DJ and producer Toni Gonzalez aka Experimental Feelings returns to Bonzai Progressive with the superb A New Opportunity which follows his epic remix on Koschk’s True Romance from earlier this year. Toni has been churning out quality cuts for us across our main imprint and Green Martian as well as a host of other works including remixes and appearances on various compilations. Toni’s productions regularly feature in many sets from DJ’s around the world and it’s no surprise given his extensive back catalogue that spans many labels. So much more to come from this guy, well worth keeping an eye and an ear on.

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As the summer approaches and revellers head to the White Isle, let us provide the soundtrack to your party season with 60 of the hottest cuts on Ibiza 2019. We’ve carefully selected these tracks for maximum effect, to give you the tools required to make sure the crowd keeps moving. Alternatively, you can fire this one up in the car or at the pool side and enjoy the pure progressive house vibes. Tracks and remixes come from the likes of Airwave, Manu Riga, Cortex Thrill, Matan Caspi, Following Light, Lily Pita, Ewan Rill, Gai Barone, Koschk, Rafa Alcantara, Cheery, Stan Kolev, Rise and Fall, Night Shift Master, Phi Phi, Tom Wax, MacroVision, F-Act, Iga Dep, Hisham Sabbah, Rick Pier O’Neil, Bilboni, Bob The Groove, Kush, L.S.G., AudioStorm, Ricardo Piedra, Nico Parisi, Blufeld and many, many more. Get this one in your collection, you will not be disappointed.

25 June 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Celebrated Dutch DJ and producer Jaydee aka Edgar Robin Albers dusts off his 1996 cut Underground City, originally released on Zounds and Bonzai Trance Progressive Italy under his Chemistry guise, for a 2019 makeover. A long-established artist, Edgar played in clubs all over the The Netherlands and later went on to national radio. Five times he organized the annual Dutch Mixing Championship, and in the past years he hosted various music and sports programs on national TV. He has performed all over the world at countless festivals and parties. For three consecutive years his radio show For Those Who Like To Groove got voted Best Dutch Dance Show, a unique accomplishment for which in 1992 he received an industry award. Besides his musical activities as Jaydee, which gave us the iconic Plastic Dreams among others, Edgar also had several other successful aliases which dominated the 90’s. Great to have him back after all these years.

24 June 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Night Shift Master aka Vlad Medvedev returns to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Gravity which is backed up with a superb remix by Nico Parisi. This one follows the equally fantastic Tribalistic which gained a lot of support and continues a string of quality cuts thus far. Israeli DJ and producer Vlad started to study in a music school when he was 6 years old. After completing his studies at the music school (focusing on Violin and Piano), he graduated from the music academy of his home town, when he was 16. While getting his B.A degree in audio technology and sound engineering, he produced music in the styles of Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House, Progressive Trance. Vlad has been also composing music for movies, commercials, performs as a DJ and participates in many other music projects. During his DJ sets, Vlad incorporates performance that are special and unique.

17 June 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more


Sydney based artist Jim Wilson aka Somersault, debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the impressive three track The Upsetter EP. Somersault’s music is uncompromising. Heavily influenced by the shuffling rhythms of dark UK garage, atmospheric techno and deep melodic house, Somersault straddles the line between the delirious highs and murky lows with a sound that takes his unique sets to some of the most respected outdoor festivals and underground clubs across Australia. The talented producer has come a long way from session guitarist to forging a signature brand of house, progressive and techno. He has released his works on a plethora of top labels with support from top jocks, worldwide. Great to have him on the books at BP.

17 June 2019 FEATURED  RELEASES Read more

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