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Fourth audio podcast available with an episode from Bonzai Basik Beats with Antidote in the mix.


1° Kentaro Kaji – Arashi
2° Kentaro Kaji – You Sexy
3° Dennis Franchi – Rituals
4° Wits To Wear – Shakespeare (Telltale Mix)
5° Fab Code – The Muppet (Original Mix)
6° Matt Silver & Brisboys – Voxtrot (Fab Code Remix)
7° Cee Cee Cox – Shine On (Heavy Original Mix)
8° Kernel Key – Forklift
9° Verche – Roots (Original Mix)
10° MiniTech Project – Smash It (Jimmy Galle Remix)
11° Chantola – Ibiza Soul (Johnny S Terrace Mix)
12° Cee Cee Cox – Playground (Swingset Original Mix)

Antidote was the brainchild from 90’s Bonzai A & R Marnik Braeckevelt, started in 2003 together with Belgian musical chameleon Airwave.

The idea was to bring a musical antidote against all rubbish cheesy trance out there and they succeeded with club hits such as Sciabada, Paraglider and most of all What Time Is Love, their infamous cover from the KLF classic which was championed by the likes of Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz.

Marnik Braeckevelt has been in the music business for 20 years now, starting at N.E.W.S Distribution and creating compilations such as Serious Beats, he got in touch with the flavoring club scene of the 90’s. A company where he also got the opportunity to make his very first record named I Can’t Stop under the name Mellow Mellow which was a Europe wide club classic. The track was even picked up by John Digweed and Sasha for the first American version of their highly regarded Northern Exposure series.

About a year later he moved on to work for Antler-Subway becoming A & R for their Dance Opera imprint. After 2 years he was contacted by DJ Fly, owner and founder of Bonzai Records to come and join forces at his label.

Within months Marnik & DJ Fly laid the foundation for an even more successful period of the Bonzai labels increasing their reach on an international level and make Bonzai to what it is today, a leader and musical innovator.

During the past 16 years being part of Bonzai, Marnik has done a series remixes of which his remix together with M.I.K.E for Private Productions – Sexdrive is without a doubt the most famous one and which was also picked up by Paul Oakenfold for one of his Global Underground mix CD’s. Additionally he’s done a series of productions with Airwave under various names of which Antidote is the most known one for the public.

Nowadays Marnik is together with DJ Fly, Bonzai All Stars, a brand new concept that covers the past 20 years of Bonzai as a label on stage and working in their in 2003 newly formed company Banshee Worx which continues the Bonzai legacy both as a label and digital distribution for like minded labels.


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