Bonzai Basik Beats regular Aurelien Stireg returns to the guest spot for this weeks show, delighting us once again with his masterful transitions and superior track selections. In the mix this week we’re treated to tracks and remixes from Nox Vahn, Marsh, Filterheadz, Gabriel Ananda, Jon Voorn, Nils Hoffman, Fairmont, F-Act, Manu Riga & Phi Phi as well as a few cuts from Aurelien himself.

Tracklisting – Episode 645: mixed by Aurelien Stireg

1. Nox Vahn & Marsh – Come Together (Aurelien Stireg Remix)
2. Kadien – Sunrise (Original Mix)
3. Filterheadz – Borderline (Original Mix)
4. Gabriel Ananda- Smash (Live Version)
5. Dong (Original Mix)
6. Jon Voorn – Medinah (Manu Riga & Phi Phi Remix)
7. Aurelien Stireg – Baraka (Original Mix)
8. Anthony Spallino & Aurelien Stireg – Spark (Live Version)
9. Anthony Spallino & Aurelien Stireg – Positive Vibrations (F-Act Remix)
10. Nils Hoffmann – Silent (Aurelien Stireg Remix)
11. Aurelien Stireg – The Man With The Red Face (Original Mix)

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