Bonzai’s own DJ Lucky takes to the Bonzai Basik Beats decks this week with a dancefloor destroying set that will set you on the right path for the weekend. A bit of old and a bit of new is the order of that day, with tracks and remixes from the likes of Dyewitness, Furax, Bonzai All Stars, Youri Parker, DHS, Mike Dunn, DJ Hs, Montini Exerience, DJ Looney Tune, Plexus, Mellow Trax and many more.

Tracklisting – Episode 637: mixed by DJ Lucky

1. Dyewitness – Observing The Earth (Original Mix)
2. Furax – The Searcher (Cherry Mix)
3. Bonzai All Stars – Poncho Girl (Original Mix)
5. Public Energy – 3 O 3 (Original Mix)
6. Youri Parker – Reactivate (Original Mix)
7. The Operator – This Is The Ultimate (Original Mix)
8. The Gateway – Twin Freaks (Original Mix)
9. DHS – House Of God (Hs Remix)
10. Speedy J – Pull Over (Original Mix)
11. Mellow Trax – Phuture Vibes (Original Mix)
12. Alex Peace – From Inside The Speaker (Dj Bam Bam)
13. Spokesman – Acid Creak (Dj Hs Contact Mix)
14. Groove Zone – Eisbear (Hard Mix)
15. Duma – Cocaine (Original Mix)
16. Dj Danny Vs Franky Kloeck – Gimme The Line (Original Mix)
17. Tellurians – Navigator (Original Mix)
18. Mike Dunn – Magic Feet (Original Mix)
19. Plexus – Autoshutter (Original Mix)
20. Dj Looney Tune – Beatbox (Original Mix)
21. Montini Experience – The Montini Experience (Original Mix)

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