Cortex Thrill get behind the decks on this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats with another sublime cosmic inspired progressive journey. From the early years of Bonzai Records, Cortex Thrill brought their sound to the masses, helping to define an era in the process. Expect to be thoroughly entertained with tracks and remixes from Jean-Michel Jarre, Nico Parisi & Monotique, Coeus, Basil O’Glue, Nomas, Andy Woldman, Cary Crank, Chris Morgan, Alan Ibanez, Stephan Bodzin and more.

Tracklisting – Episode 602: mixed by Cortex Thrill

1º Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxygene, Pt. 2 (JMJ Rework of Kosinski Remix Live In Notre-Dame Binaural Headphone Mix)
2º Nico Parisi & Monotique – Segno (Original Mix)
3º Coeus – Alea (Original Mix)
4º Andrea Cassino, Lio Q – Asante (Sebastian Sellares Remix)
5º Cortex Thrill – Deep Infinity (2020 Remake)
6º Basil O’Glue, Nomas – The First Deity (Extended Mix)
7º Enamour, Rinzen – Photon (Original Mix)
8º Andy Woldman – Soulmate (Original Mix)
9º Stephan Bodzin – Boavista (Innellea Remix)
10º Whoriskey – Shadow Chaser (Extended Mix)
11º Cary Crank – Identity (Original Mix)
12º Tali Muss, Aaron Suiss – Spiral (Original Mix)
13º Sergio Le Kid & Creative Machine – Prelude (Original Mix)
14º Chris Morgan – No (Original Mix)
15º Alan Ibanez – Arib (Ewan Rill Remix)

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