Petri Petro is back at the Bonzai Basik Beats helm proving once again his talented mixing skills with a super tight and epic set that will certainly whet the appetite for a weekend of partying. Today’s mix includes some superb cuts from the likes of Terence Dixon, Motionen, Code 71, Developper, Kev Willis, Atoll, Codeck, Kolde, Fluffy Inside, Martin Schuricht, Christian Gerlach and many more.

Tracklisting – Episode 555: mixed by Petri Petro

1º Terrence Dixon – Like A Thief In The Night (Original Mix)
2º A C R U X – Future (Original Mix)
3º Motionen – Balance Theory (Christian Gerlach Version)
4º Env3 – Typ12 (Original Mix)
5º Petri Petro – Chemtrail (Notnotice Remix)
6º Code 701 – Dirt (Original Mix)
7º Notnotice – Not Normal (Original Mix)
8º Alessandro Petracca – Unconscious (Petri Petro Remix)
9º Developper – Snap Over (Original Mix)
10º Kev Willis – Frozen Fear (Original Mix)
11º Atoll – Home (Original Mix)
12º Roberto Mast – Experiments (Original Mix)
13º Hard Resolve – Assault System (Original Mix)
14º Ben Gibson – Symptom (Original Mix)
15º Petri Petro – Mutation (Tito K. Remix)
16º Codeck – Armagedon (Original Mix)
17º Kolde – Vision of Metalizia (Original Mix)
18º Drummer In Cosmos – Atomic X (Original Mix)
19º Miss Adk – Hexadecimal (Carara Part 2 Remix)
20º Fluffy Inside – Threedee (Martin Schuricht Remix)
21º As Above So Below Falling (Hard Resolve Remix)

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