DJ Francois is the guest on this week’s Bonzai Basik Beats, bringing a special Bonzai Classics set that will unleash a torrent of memories for those that know, and inject a shot of adrenaline for the fresh-faced crew. A veteran on the scene, Francois has seen several releases on Bonzai Jumps under different aliases. He is well-known for his excellent sets all over Belgium and The Netherlands. Expect a powerful set of 32 tracks expertly crafted into a 1-hour set with a plethora of Francois’ own edits and remixes of top Bonzai tunes and more.

Tracklisting – Episode 526: mixed by DJ Francois

1º Cherrymoon Trax 2 – Let There Be House (Dj Francois 2020 Remix)
2º Trancial-X-Tion – Dead Bodies (Dj Francois 2020 Rework)
3º The Disciples – Underrave (Dj Taa Refix 2020)
4º Phrenetic System – Wayfarer (Dj Francois 2020 Refixx)
5º Leviathan – Go Back (Dj Francois 2020 Rework)
6º Dj Francois – Bay Of Spastik (Come On Remix)
7º Dj Peter – Dance Mf (Dj Francois Refixx)
8º Yves De Ruyter – Rave City (Dj Francois 2019 Cherry Mix)
9º Darkman – Illegale (Dj Francois 2020 Rework)
10º Yves De Ruyter – Rave City (Dj Francois 2018 Re-Edit)
11º Belgica Wave – The Wave (Dj Francois 2020 Rework)
12º Dj Francois – Zino Traxx
13º Starsplash Ft. Praisecats – Vittel (I Got Piece Remix)
14º Maurizio Baccagni – Tribal Techno (Dj Francois 2020 Re-Edit)
15º Dj Glenn – Sylenth Six (Remix)
16º Repulsive 2 – Recactussed (Dj Francois & Ghost Rework)
17º Dream Your Dream – Belgium Jump (Dj Francois 2020 Rework)
18º Yves Deruyter – Animals ( Dj Taa Refix 2020)
19º Final Analysis – El Punto Final (Dj Francois 2019 Remix)
20º Dj Francois & Dj M – Our Creation
21º Dj Francois – Mindcontroller ( Classic 2008 Power Mix)
22º System D Ii – Trancefusion (Dj Francois 2019 Refixx)
23º Marco Bailey – Cokeman (Dj Francois 2019 Remix)

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