Ivan Nikusev returns for his second stint on Bonzai Basik Beats. Macedonian DJ and producer Ivan hails from the old school progressive scene. In 2011 he founded OLD SQL Recordings which has built a solid artist and fan base across the world. His experience as a DJ took him to many countries and their festivals as well as guest spots on many radio shows. In the mix tonight you will hear top-notch tracks from the likes of Bynomic, MXV, Dhany G, Engine Of Sound, Stan Kolev, Paul Thomas, Adventure Tale and more.

Tracklisting – Episode 488: mixed by Ivan Nikusev

1º Bynomic – Misunderstood Technology (Adrian Roman Remix)
2º MXV – Can’t Forget You (Fabri Lopez Remix)
3º Max Wexem – Only Now (Original Mix)
4º Dhany G – Sun 24 (Original Mix)
5º After.IMG – Silent Glitch (Original Mix)
6º Engine Of Sound – Bloom (Original Mix)
7º Adventure Tale – Dont Believe The Hype (Original Mix)
8º Nekliff & Space Motion – laziness (Morttagua Remix)
9º DJ San & Sebastian Moore – Sonorian (Original Mix)
10º Stan Kolev & Paul Thomas – Revelations (Original Mix)

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