Cryss joins us on Bonzai Basik Beats for his first appearance churning out a solid mix for our listening pleasure. Getting into music from an early age Cryss knew he wanted to entertain. He learned to DJ and then to produce and over the years he has excelled at both. Check out today’s mix for a taste of what this guy offers. Tracks and remixes from the likes of Cris Peacock, Katrin Souza, Greg Tomaz, Proglifter, Matter, LoQuai and Cryss himself are all on hand to deliver the goodness and get the party started.

Tracklisting – Episode 331: mixed by Cryss

1º Cris Peacock – Thaw (Original Mix)
2º Katrin Souza – Incepto (Allende Remix)
3º Greg Tomaz – Dreamers And Explorers (Matter Remix)
4º Cris Peacock – New Moon (Original Mix)
5º Rick Pier O’Neal & Desaturate – Polymers (Loquai Remix)
6º Infinity State – Arex (Original Mix)
7º Proglifter – Surfers Paradise (Sub Question Remix)
8º Talamanca – In Motion (Joshua Ollerton Remix)
9º Ilya Malyuev pres. Baltic Sound – Montreal (Original Mix)
10º Blood Groove & Kikis – Feeling (KIWAMU Remix)
11º Cryss – Another Chance (Original Mix)
12º Blufeld & Platunoff – Tiefe Gedanken (Alex Vidal Remix)

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