Fresh off the back of his superb remix of Airwave’s When Things Go Wrong on our new Bonzai Classics series, we welcome Blufeld back to Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Tristful Sleeper which features two solid remixes from Eugene Becker and Narel. Never one to disappoint, Blufeld relishes in delivering sublime progressive grooves filled with raw emotion and wonderful intricate patterns.

The Original Mix intros with a real smooth, deep groovy vibe filled with muddy bass tones and tight drum arrangement. A very subtle melodic note rises alongside a droning bass while the shuffling percussions form into cool rhythmic patterns. Intricate arpeggios add intrigue and surrealism that captivate the mind body and soul making this an absolute must have track for any progressive set.

Russian producer Eugene Becker aka Eugene Dolzhenko returns to BP on remix duties. With an impressive release list already on various labels including Pleasure Records, DigiCom, Incepto, Nueva and OLD SQL Recordings. His last outing for us was back at the start of 2017 with Veto which gained great support from across the board. His first release was in 2009 on the German label No Border Recordings with his project Z Robot. The main aim of this project is producing electronic music in different styles to give the listener a sublime journey in sound. The remix intros with a muted kick drum and dancing bass notes alongside a cool vocal shot. Deeper basses slowly fade in and after a tight snare roll we’re thrust full on into a deep progressive groove. The probing bassline adds so much warmth to the groove while bright percussive elements will get the booty’s shakin on the floor. The break delves deeper with a sublime imaginative sequence that locks you in before we find ourselves back in full on mode for the duration. Top notch, hypnotic stuff that is not to be missed.

Melbourne based Narel aka Nick Simmons is up next on the remix with another top notch effort. We last saw Nick back in mid 2017 when he unleashed his very well received album entitled Losing Adequacy, which contained a plethora of expertly crafted sounds. Nick became fascinated by electronic music after hearing Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene aged 5. At 15 he began experimenting with samplers and sequencers and in time added synthesizers to his setup. What was a hobby became a bit more serious in 2010 when his first tracks were released on the Bonzai Progressive imprint Fourty 5. After over 30 releases across multiple labels his first album is finished and more original tracks are remixes are always in production. The Narel sound is rooted in oldskool progressive, progressive house, ambient and downtempo. On the remix here Narel intros the track with a dark percussion arrangement which is soon followed by a pumping kick drum and shuffling hi hats. Punchy basses litter the sound and gradually build into a powerful driving force in the track. Swirling melodic pads are the perfect accompaniment to the chugging bassline as the two contrast beautifully. The break throws up some very nice melodic sequences that stay the course giving this track a climactic vibe that is perfect for the peak time slot.

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