Blufeld and DJ Fire join forces in the studio and deliver the superb Nighted with an individual mix from each artist on the release. This is the second time around these guys have collaborated, back in 2016 they gave us First Flight To Mars on our Green Martian imprint. Blufeld and DJ Fire are names synonymous with Bonzai, Jurgen Leyers aka DJ Fire is considered with legendary status given his vast back catalogue across many of our labels in the past as well as in recent years. Best known for his work alongside Airwave on their Fire & Ice project, he also has quite an impressive collection of solo works and he was awarded an Outstanding Acheivement gong at our Bonzai Awards ceremony in 2019. Still DJing regularly at many retro events across Belgium and beyond, always great to hear his latest works. Blufeld burst onto the Bonzai stage in 2008 and has given nothing but top-quality cuts ever since. Always searching for that unique sound, he prides himself in creating music from the soul to evoke the most emotionally charged response from his listeners. He is a craftsman with a deep sense of care and love for the output and quality of his productions, a producer who works to use sound and imagination to output everything that’s inside his heart and mind to create some of the most complex and deepest emotive tracks in progressive house music. As ever, we get excited when his newest efforts come through the office.

Blufeld’s Mix rises up with a warm pulsating bassline and punchy kick drum. The bass opens up revealing metallic edges while melodic notes come through. A combination of various notes creates a dynamic melodic sequence. On the break 80’s snare drums fade in and out as a dark underground bass tone lurks. The drums intensify as those hypnotic phrases lead us back to full on mode for the duration. An excellent production that will not disappoint.

You can’t help but notice the superb classic style on DJ Fire’s Mix. Right from the off we’re thrust into a world of pumping arena beats. Hypnotic notes fade in as a mesmerizing bassline cascades up and down the scale, locking us into the groove. After a short percussion filled break, the track takes a nose dive into the deep and murky underbelly of a more aggressive progressive sound. Dark gritty basses and space-age FX will keep the floors moving, no doubt.

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