DJ, producer Black On:yx debuts on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Into U. Born to make music, Black On:yx is revered for his now legendary Inmate events, which have been providing quality entertainment since 2014. His ambition to achieve is one of his greatest strengths and his creativity has earned respect amongst his peers. His music career has come a long away in a relatively short space of time, playing alongside top jocks in countries all around the world. He is constantly evolving and strives to be spontaneous and unpredictable.

The Original Mix kicks this release off with a slow burning progressive groove, full of warmth and enchantment. Nice, chunky beats lead the way as shuffling percussions layer up alongside rhythmic drums that get the body moving. A deep, rumbling bassline takes control of the low end, luring you in to its thick, enveloping groove. Softly sweet melodic notes dance along the groove, cutting through the murk, and on the break these traits dominate before the powerful bass returns, taking us back to full-on mode. A top-notch cut that will not disappoint.

Paul Hamilton returns to BP on remix duties. This one comes after his stellar remix of Cathy K’s Saraswati. With over 20 years’ experience, this multi award winning artist does not disappoint with his unique style. His career took him all around the world playing at top clubs alongside top jocks and his studio works have been snapped up by many labels. Paul remains a firm favourite and boasts a solid rep within the scene. On the remix here, Paul interprets the original in a much deeper progressive vibe. Solid beats lead the way as a superb, thick and chunky bassline powers the groove. Delicate notes etch out eerie melodies as mesmerizing pads rise up. The break hones in on the hypnotic side, as those soft melodies are joined by captivating pads and plucky basses. After a short climax we’re back in to the main groove for the duration. An absolute beast of track, not to be missed.

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