US based DJ and producer Beyond Beats shows up on our long running deep house label – Eyepatch Recordings – with his Reload EP. This guys is certainly making his way around the Bonzai stable, his debut came on Progrez with Somewhere Out There before heading over to Green Martian with Finally Ready. Great to see an artist dip his hand into different genres and showcasing his talents in a dynamic way.

Reload intros with a nice organic vibe as native drums etch out the groove to the backdrop of pitching crisp hats. Warm deep house chords swirl across the sound and provide the perfect platform for the layers to build. The super low bass lurks around the bottom of the sound allowing the musical elements to shine, and shine they do. A subtle mixture of colourful sounds paint a textured groove that locks you in for the duration. Top notch stuff not to be missed.

Give It To Me (I Need It) gets right down to business with a solid deep house groove filled with beautifully warm chords and a wonderful perfectly tweaked bassline. Up top we have a high string that sits over those warm chords as well as various FX that add great textures along the way. A classic styled vocal comes through and sets the groove alight. Tight drums filled with chunky kicks, crispy hats and snappy snares dish out cool rhythms as this super charged house cut gathers pace. A must have track for sure.

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