Berbush & Kotobuki debut on Bonzai Progressive with the fantastic Shadows EP. Brazilian DJ and producer Berbush aka Bernardo Buschle has notched up a huge amount of respect among his peers due to his solid DJ performances and tight production. Kotobuki has worked alongside Bernardo on the their last three tracks and have proved to be a good connect with each bringing his own unique style, definitely a duo to be on the lookout for.

Shadows intros with a smooth and steady rhythmic drum arrangement that employs a punchy kick, crispy hats and a cool slapped drum pattern. A meandering and powerful bassline comes through and takes control as various synth plucks and FX form up. A short break brings in cool chords and a haunting voice that delivers Gregorian monk style that fits perfectly with the deeper house elements of the sound. Top notch stuff that will definitely perform well in any set.

Bonzai debutant Cartos shows up for remix duty with a wonderfully tweaked remix on Shadows. The pace get ramped up a notch from this guy as the original track gets a makeover for the more progressive floors. Super tight drums and a fantastic bassline that just melts into the sound provide a solid groove for the prog heads. Darker elements creep into the sound and an air of mystique is created with a brilliant display of FX alongside that awesome voice that adds so much depth. A definite contender that is not to be missed.

Under Flowers sets out with a pure deep tech house drive that draws you in with its sophisticated groove made up of rhythmic drums and slowly forming bass. An instantly recognisable robotic voice dripping with FX adds a little spice to the sound but the big player here is the drum arrangement, the infectious rhythm will have you moving your feet in no time. Simplistic synth notes provide a big focus in the track and stand out well in the groove. A must have track for your collection no doubt.

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