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Techno DJ and producer Ben Knoxx bursts onto the scene with a vibrant, fresh approach to pumping Techno. His first outing for Bonzai was over on our flagship Bonzai Progressive imprint with a remix on Gabriel West & Ricardo Piedra’s Tonic EP. This time he debuts on Bonzai Basiks with Do You Want which is backed up with a sublime remix from the legendary CJ Bolland. Ben Knoxx has all the tools required to churn out quality cuts having been present in the club scene for many years and, he is also a veteran in the music industry as well as a Bonzai legend. A string of Hard Trance and Techno hits in the 90’s certainly put this guy on the map and in more recent years he’s put himself into many different genres under various guises with great success. A new found enthusiasm and outside influences have developed into a desire to get back in the studio and come up with the goods.

The Original Mix delivers an arena style sound that will get the bassbins working overtime. Pounding kick drums and hypnotic percussions lead the charge as a dark vocal rings out. The low end is dominated by a solid rolling bassline that will pound through your chest and down to your feet, forcing you to move. In your face synths carry a hint of retro that adds a nice flavour to the track and on the break the synths take control leading us to a huge climax and back to full on mode. Top notch once again from Ben Knoxx, not to be missed.

An introduction isn’t really needed when your name is CJ Bolland, but we’re doing one anyway because it’s CJ Bolland. Since 1988 this guy has been at the forefront of the techno scene, shaping its sound and providing inspiration for a generation of producers and DJ’s. His groundbreaking debut album – The 4th Sign – was milestone in production with tracks like Mantra and Camargue resonating around the world. The Prophet and Sugar Is Sweeter also gained international acclaim making him a very much sought after DJ and remix artist. His sound resided on the legendary R&S Records for the biggest part of his career, but he also had several tracks on our legacy labels Tripomatic and Bonzai Limited under his The Silence guise. Other notable projects include Sonic Solution and Ravesignal as well as a host of others which appeared on many labels over the years. A long-time friend of Bonzai, we’re delighted to have him on our leading Techno imprint on remix duties. Here on the remix we’re treated to a spectacular display of techno construction. Thumping kick drums and sharp crispy hi hats hit us first as hypnotic synths work their way up into a frenzy. A deep rumbling bassline shores up the track as those synths become the dominating force, morphing into a classic chord stab that will get the nostalgia juices flowing. An absolute gem from CJ that will appeal to the oldskool crew as well as the modern clubber.

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