We welcome AudioStorm back to Bonzai Progressive with Rhetoric Remix Monster. This remix package compliments the original Rhetoric Monster release from October 2020 and the artists involved have really stepped up to the plate. AudioStorm aka Ognjen Vukovic has a thirst for musical knowledge, he’s had it ever since he started listening to iconic bands such as Joy Division, Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode and more. After many years of learning and honing his skills, he is a very much respected artist, responsible for his own brand of deep, dark progressive house. His success has garnered hundreds of releases on many labels throughout the world, including the likes of Sudbeat, Baroque, Lowbit, Balkan Connection and Dopamine Music among others. His consistency in putting out quality music has grabbed attention from a host of top jocks, and he continues to provide inspiration on many DJ sets. We’re delighted to present this inspired package and we’ve no doubt there will be a lot of interest.

First up, we have Rick Pier O’Neil on remix duties for Rhetoric Monster. Rick stamps his distinct progressive quality on the groove, utilising the original parts with subtlety and imagination. A solid, driving prog mover, this one will not disappoint. Nico Parisi & Monotique join forces to deliver their version of Rhetoric Monster. This time, the guys have gone for a punchier groove with thumping kick drums and plucky bassline leading the way. Superb synth work creates a wonderful dynamic which makes this perfect fodder for the late-night session.

John May gets to grips with his interpretation of Sound Of Inevitability. He takes us on a powerful, chugging journey deep into progressive territory. Mesmerizing and vibrant with modulating synths and plucky arps, a solid construction that is not to be missed. Seth Vogt follows with his remix of Sound Of Inevitability, taking the vibe deeper and deeper, providing a more house inspired groove. Lush pads, bright plucks and sweeping basses combine beautifully. Smooth and warm, this one draws you in and wraps you up.

Doriaan returns on remix duties, churning out a fantastic remix of Modular Experience. In true Doriaan style, we’re treated to a top-notch, exotic drum experience highlighted be soft melodies and a warm bassline. Delicate synths contrast brilliantly, a fine slice of prog. Enchanted Kids aka Indian duo Savan Ukande & Jayesh Varade mark their Bonzai debut with a quality remix of Modular Experience. The guys have done justice to the original, taking the melody and making it stand out against a warm, lush bassline. Tight beats with punchy kicks at the lead, drive the groove before wistful elements take over on the break. Great stuff and a must have, no doubt.

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