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Soft Knees

Soft Knees


Antti Mäntysaari (Andy Piney, Minomus) and Jarno Kilpiä (Qmotvs, Legend) make up Finnish duo Soft Knees. The guys get together every few weeks for a weekend to see what type of music they happen to create during this time.

The guys met during a lengthy net radio DJ session held in Oulu, Finland. They got the idea to try weekend sessions composing and it turned out pretty productive. Having quite similar tastes in music and roots in Demoscene, where they are still active, gives them an advantage when it comes to new ideas and sounds. They are kind of all rounders having done music for games, movies, adverts and electronic music releases.

There isn’t really one particular style they are into, but most times they like to mix up some acoustic elements with electronica and create warm, full atmospheres with strong melodic content as well. While they both have done their fair share of four-to-the-floor music, most of Soft Knees productions tend to be somewhat slower, deeper and more complex.

Now signed to the legendary Bonzai stable the guys will no doubt be offering lots of quality productions in the years to come.