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    Ruben Losada

    Ruben Losada


    Ruén Losada was born in September 1978, and he began tobe attracted by dance music at an early age, around 13-14years old , but when he was 18 years old (time when the”trance-progressive” was the style prevalent in the BasqueCountry and northern Spain), is when he is making the firstcontact with turntables and he djing for the first time in frontof the public, about the year 1998 in two well-known clubs ofthe city of Bilbao, “congreso” and “circuito”. Four years laterhe moved to Barcelona and it is there where he makecontacts with djs in the scene “house” of the city, beinginvited to play in several clubs as “Pacha” or “La seda”, andsome radio shows in some local radio stations. In 2006 hemoved to Madrid, where he plays until 2009 in severalsessions and clubs of the capital as “cool”, “strong_gmatic”,”the angel”, or “enfrente”, at the same time he started hisfirst amateur-musical productions. Since then, he has playedas a guest DJ in several clubs and raves of differentSpanish cities.In july of 2013, his ep “ritual chamanico” (pure substance) ischarted by Hernan Cattaneo, in his July top chart.Influenced by the trance of the late 90s, is a lover ofhypnotic sounds and surround ,but is considered a veryversatile dj , he has various styles from “deep-house” to”techno” through “minimal”, “tech-house”, or the”progressive-house” more elegant and refined.Between his favorite producers he likes; Hernan cattaneo,Maetrik, Adam beyer, Minilogue, Luis junior, Cary Lekebusch,Marc Antona, Paul ritch, Pig & dan, Mark Reeve,Microtrauma, Guy-j, Rikesto, Axel karakasis, Slam, Secretcinema, Alberto Pascual, Sasha, Christian Smith, or D.diggler




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