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French producer Philippe Van Mullem started Quadran with Philipe Toutlemonde in 1995 with the very first single on the illustrious Bonzai Trance Progressive label. He would set the tone for the entire uplifting, melodic trance scene that has evolved to how we know it today. He was one of the very first artists to combine vocals on trance music and his single Eternally became an instant Europe wide club hit and also marked the birth of BTP. Many more quality singles followed with the likes of Illusive Dream, Naked Light, Unloveable, Halcyon, No Air and more recently Rectangle to name just a few. Quadran also has an impressive catalogue of studio albums with the first coming in 1996 with Voyages which was a truly pioneering album that paved the way for many artists. Other albums are Singles Box, Addictive Motion and a Collected Worx.

Philippe’s first releases came in 1991 and 1992 with his aliases Andy On The Eve and Destress and he has released through many other guises including Innertales, The Gaps, Honey C and Dobel You, all with Philippe Toutlemonde aka Phi Phi. He was also part of the successful group Extreme Trax with Laurent Veronnez, Yves Deruyter, Phi Phi and M.I.K.E. with releases on labels including XTC-Music For The Mind, Green Martian, Bonzai Trance Progressive, Tranceportation, Black Records and Bonzai Club Grooves.

Recently he collaborated with Laurent Veronnez on his epic Parallel Lines album with the track At Last which had been a track in the making for many years, and to both Laurent’s and Philippe’s delight it was finally realised.

His sound had evolved just like many other producers into a more distinct sound, a sound that very much suited the Bonzai Progressive vibe. Tracks such as Rumour and Animals Rebellion are solidified with his unique sound and professional artistry.

Sadly in early February 2015 we learned that Philippe had suddenly passed away at his home. This came as shocking and heartbreaking news to the Bonzai family of which he was and will remain an integral part. Fans from across the world have shown their support with kind messages and, most importantly, remembering the music he gave us. Philippe was buried on 19 February 2015 and as we say goodbye, we know that he will be with us Eternally.

R.I.P Philippe