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PolyRhythm means “many rhythms” from Soul/Funk/Afro-Beat/Latin/ House/ and everything in between. DJ/Producers David Jonez and Val Carrique originally created the name for their New York based party in 2007. Having built a strong following in clubs like Sutra, Mr. West, Katra and Alphabet Lounge in New York, they became known as the “PolyRhythm boys” by their many supporters.Currently In their early twenties, they are already seasoned veteran DJ’s who started DJing local parties at 14 years old. The New Jersey based duo played mostly mainstream, Hip Hop and Reggae until discovering New York’s vibrant underground club scene at the age of 18 where they immediately fell in love with House Music. In addition to their wildly popular Polyrhyt hm event s in t he US, t hey have become in demand DJ’s playing alongside world renowned names DJ Spinna, Mr. V, T ony T ouch, Filsonik and Jihad Muhammed just to name a few. Their touring schedule has steadily increased with appearances at Sullivan Room (NY), Moomia Lounge (NY), Revival Bar (Toronto), Grass (Miami) and Purdy Lounge (Miami) all booked within the last year.Their varied musical experiences and influences have led to their natural progression as cutting edge music producers. Using live percussion synonymous witht heir nat ive Uruguay combined wit h t he deep and soulful grooves of the New York City underground is what has created a base for what is now the “PolyRhythm” sound.




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