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    Cristian Paduraru was born in February 1980 and grew in Romania, mainly Bucharest. Feeling attracted by melodic dance music since childhood. Playing since 1996 in “Studio Martin” with the project named “Fire In Water” as live performances. The style of the project was acid breaks balanced with deeptech housemusic. In 1998 Cristian is winning the 1st place in the “Talent Festival” at the electronic section. In 1999 Cristian receive the 1st place in the “Klub Bizzare” contest from Atomic TV for best house music act.His philosophy, in the 90’s was that “Music is the best drug”, fulfilling the need for excitement. In the new millennium he got in touch with the Word of God and have the philosophy that “Love is the message”. The relation with his wife, Erika, brings him much fulfillment and balance. After the 90’s era of live act performances, Paduraru decided to work mainly in the studio. Between 2000 and 2004 concentrating on advertising and movie soundtracks. Then pioneering progressive house in Romania, then worldwide.Starting 2005 you can find his compositions being produced, remixed and released thru The Remix Label, Christian Records, 2LS 2 Dance, Worldwide Exclusive Records, Deejayfriendly, Global Underground, ZYX, Proton Music, GU Digital, Arabica, Olaris, Harlequin, Curvve, Behold, Slanted House, Brickhouse, Progress, Progressive Grooves, OpenBar Music, Techment, Xela Digital, Rebirth, Elemental, Amber Muse, Moya Records, Beatwork, Love Hertz, Embarcadero, Echoplast Digital, Mistiquemusic, Green Mono Music Studio, BlueDove Records, Redking, Total Wipes, Oryx Music, etc




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