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    The best way to describe Onez!e aka Canadian producer and DJ Brenden is this, from mind capturing progressive melodies, in depth soundscape atmospheres and strong rhythms to hard hitting percussion, hypnotizing structures and mind altering vibes. This producer has discovered a captivating, non-commercial sound, a mixture of Progressive, Techno, and House music

    He started producing music since early 2012 and has already been signed music to industry standard labels, showcased on radio shows, and played live in clubs across the world.

    Upon releasing several tracks to the public for purchase and digital download, Onez!e plans to release a free E.P for download. Including a 2014 Remake of the popular song, ‘Tribe’. The E.P will be available for download around Spring of 2014.

    Onez!e has always been involved with music. From playing in rock bands, metal bands, hardcore bands, and even creating his own music acoustically, prior to engaging into electronic music. Music has always been a huge influence for Onze!e. He was playing multiple instruments in bands during his teenage years. He played guitar with a band that he toured around with for 2 years, and it was definitely a huge influence on his life. The feeling of playing to a crowd is one thing but the feeling of playing to a crowd when you know that your music is affecting them is a whole different experience. It just puts the biggest smile on his face, knowing that what he is doing, is actually bringing happiness to someone.

    After multiple band breakups, Onez!e had decided to pursue a different path, electronic music.

    Stating that by writing your own music, you can achieve your true vision in art. You create music that matters to yourself and no one else. He feels that music is an amazing art, and by putting one’s own emotion into each track, is what distinguishes true artistry.

    This artist is pushing boundaries and will soon be making an impact in the electronic music world. He has already appeared on labels like Old SQL Records, Major League Recordings and Bonzai Progressive. Onez!e has big plans for 2014 so stay tuned for more from this gifted producer.





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