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    Nikko Mavridis


    Nikko Mavridis is a DJ,producer,radio producer and a promoter!He is considered to be one of the most respected and well-known Djs in Greece. “Music matters” is his every day motto!For that he plays and produces music that expresses his passion for it!As an early starter in the 90’s he was one of the most energetic members ofDMC Hellas and at the same time he presented a radio show in the most well-known station of his city,Kavala!His progress was inevitable and he developed to aunique radio producer who held shows in almost all the radio stations of the city!For the time being,his radio show “Electric Fridays” in Proini radio station isthought to be one of the best in Greece,hosting big names from all over the world He is recognised for his ability behind the decks and his unique style.His sound is a perfect mix of progressive house , deep house, tribal rhythmsand souring melodies.At the time beeing he is holding recidency in two of the most attractive venues of East Macedonia in Greece (No 18 downtown bar & Selini_Batis Multiplex)In addition to all his Djing , Nikko has been quite busy in making his own music.He started recording as “Coda” with his partners Nicodream and Saki Tee!“Coda” has recorded eight singles and thirteen remixes, which were heavily supported by DJs all over the world.Nowadays he is producing his own remixes and originals with his unique deep progressive sound!Nikko’s record labels are Movement Records,MoMi rec,Hydrogen,Underground lessons,Just movement,Addictive Sounds,Old Sql rec,Soho music e.t.c.with great support from Dj’s from all over the world!..The future is looking good and one thing is for sure..Music matters!




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