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We could introduce Moshic in many ways, but none of them would be enough to describe this unique & diverse artist from Israel. He’s been touring the world for many years and has established an amazing name for himself as a great performer and an extraordinary studio artist.

He was born Moshic Shlomi in Haifa, a man whose name thrills millions of progressive House fans all over the world. He grew up in a family of musicians, but not everything in his life inclined cheerful singing.

When he finished paying his debts to the country, he decided to devote himself completely to electronic music. He fell in love with progressive, which wasn’t too popular at that time in Israel. He was handing out his mixes wherever he could, but the scene ignored his “too dark” style. Disillusioned, he moved to New York; the city where John Digweed and Sasha were spinning records in Twilo, and Moshic’s progressive darkness finally found a susceptible breeding ground.

Moshic released his first singles under the Argonout guise through Cyber records (NL) and got Supported by the world’s best DJ’s and featured in the best compilations such as, Tiesto (in search of sunrise 3), Armin van Buuren, Global-Underground, Gatecrasher (Discotech), Kasey Taylor (Balance), Nubreed 5 mixed by Lee Burridge, and many more.

However the true fame and publicity came with his track “Nightstalker” which was featured on Danny Howells Nocturnal Frequencies 3 and Jimmy Van M’s Bedrock: Compiled & Mixed. When DJ Magazine announced the tune as the “underground hit of the year”, nothing could stop Moshic’s career expanding and he has been an ambassador for the darker side of progressive ever since.

Every day, every week, every month masterpieces like “10@ZE” or the remix of Memnon’s “Locutus” were produced. The following year 2001 Kiss 100 broadcast his “Distorted Patterns” compilation. Progressive fans went down on their knees and Moshic was asked to do the Essential Mix that was broadcasted in February of that year. Soon after that his mix was added to the DJ Mag’s April issue. This set as well as the Essential Mix, mostly included tracks from not widely known Middle Eastern artists and the world was left without doubts that Moshic is a genius music producer!

In an interview for DJ Mag he said: “My main ambitions are to export different kinds of productions that will get special attention on the dance floor. I dislike average music and I’m known for producing with perfection. And I will not go the easy way and sample other people’s work, 100% Moshic and not a cent less.”

After more than 100 original releases, hundreds of live international performances around the world, the name Moshic is now one of the best progressive house artists in the world. His unique sounds and the Middle East elements he is featuring in his productions made him famous with his own dark style and there is more waiting to be published; the fruits of his collaboration with Rui Da Silva to name just a few.

Moshic is the owner of the dark progressive house label Contrast with classic releases such as “Nanok”, “Me Myself And Life” and “Tokyo Taxi”. This label exposes the unique sound signature of Moshic and the home label of his Dark Tribal and Trancy housey style.




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