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    Matt Black

    Matt Black


    Matt Black has been DJing and making music for around 20 years. His original love was hardcore and drum and bass but it was upon hearing a John Digweed mix tape back in 1994 that he realised his calling in life He began by playing in pubs and bars around South London before getting his first club gig in 1995. Since then he has played for a number of London’s biggest underground promoters, including Absolution, Feersum, Neighbourhood Dilemma, Sunflowers, Savage and more. He has also played at Audio Deluxe in London, Empathy in Bristol and Riff raff in Middlesbrough as well as The Gallery in London where he warmed up for none other than Dave Seaman Matt is also gaining an international reputation; he has played a 3 date mini tour in Poland and headlined the Afterhours cafeteria in Mexico. Matt is not only a DJ, but also produces tracks. He has had releases and remixes signed to labels such as Polytechnic, Source of gravity digital and Segment records, the label he owns. This year Matts track “Lightcycle” which was produced alongside Kieran J was released on Change Audio and featured a fantastic remix by none other than Jimmy Van M, this track saw DJ support from scene heavyweights such as Nick Warren and Hernan Cattaneo among others




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