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Louis Desero


Swiss born Louis Desero became inspired with electronic dance music in 1996 many years of partying followed and his enthusiasm grew even more and more.

In 1999, Louis Desero began to compose electronic music, for this purpose he needed to build his own sound studio which he still uses to this day.

Among other things compositions of classical music helps him to find his inspiration, for 6 years he sang in a renowned choir and for 12 further years he was taught in classical piano lessons.

It’s impossible to pigeonhole Louis Deseros style, to define it though you could definitely use terms as progressive trance and chill-out. The music he produces is very melodic and melancholic, even with a lower BPM his music is still very danceable. Louis will compose most of his melodies on a classical piano and then transfer that through digital programming using the best software around..

In the summer of 2011 Louis took part in a competition called “Swiss Track Award 2011” and succeeded to reach third place with his track “Nostalgia.

In the summer of 2012 he took part in “Swiss Track Award 2012” only this time he was awarded the number 1 spot with “Masquerade”.

Louis releases his trance and chill tracks through his own Louis Desero Beats and has an impressive release count on other labels like Trance Gold Records, Receptive Records and SA Trincha Recordings. Louis debuted on Bonzai Progressive with his stunning “Masquerade” in the spring of 2013 and we will no doubt be seeing more from this guys, so stay tuned.