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Jimmy Galle

Jimmy Galle

Belgium /


Jimmy is born on August 17th in Luik aka Liege in Belgium and as his parents were boatmen, he attended a boarding school from the early age of 6. To overcome the loneliness of boarding school his parents bought him a walkman. This event literally ‘plugged’ him into music!

After listening to a wide variety of music on tape and radio shows he soon found House music to be his calling and for his 15th birthday he got a music mixer and a double deck CD player.
Jimmy would now put all his spare time into music and just 2 years later he got a break at a local club in Antwerp called Het Eilandje, this was an immediate success and Jimmy had secured his first residency.

Soon after Jimmy had the music production bug and he saved enough to get his first PC with a sound card and a Korg keyboard and in 2004 he released his first track Jim-Y – Digital Trumpets on BBC Records.

In the meantime he worked on a project with his best friend Ruly and a demo was created for which he had the perfect voice in mind. Boldly he sent the demo to his favorite vocalist and singer under the project name R & Y. And guess what! Only 2 weeks later he got contacted by Jan Johnston. Jan had already written the lyrics and called for a date to do the recordings for this song, that is how R&Y Meets Jan Johnston – “Its Cold Outside” was born.   This single was released in 2007 with remixes from Filterheadz and Sied van Riel.

In 2008 the “Morning On The Terrace” release on the label Bonzai Fiesta heralds the start of a successful relationship with Bonzai Music, with appearances on many labels under this umbrella, including Bonzai Fiesta, Bonzai Club Grooves, Android, Bonzai Trance Progressive, Bonzai Progressive, Bonzai Basiks and Eyepatch Recordings.
End of 2008, Ruly decided to leave the project and Jim-Y then became Jimmy Galle; the start of a solo career that would cement Jimmy Galle into the world of cool, smooth house vibes.

Much DJing and production followed with a host of remixes and DJ gigs in places such as Noxx, La Rocca, Cafe D’ Anvers, Industria, Chakra Party, The Factory, Lazurra, Petrol, De Rodenburg (NL), TranccSession, Playboy Deluxe, De Cinema, Space, Wicked, BBC, De Kaai, Red & Blue, Turbulance.

His latest offering is his Illusion EP on Eyepatch Recording and this delves into the deeper side of house. Jimmy has a lot to offer and we are sure to see more from this amazing talent.





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