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    Jay Junior


    Some people just have music running through their veinsfrom their birth on. One of those people is taking the sceneby storm under the name of Jay Junior. With over fourteenyears of music experience Jay has started a brand newcareer in 2010 when a friend introduced him to the world ofDJs and dance music, which intrigued him massively.As Je’freak he started off as a percussionist whoaccompanied other artists with his rhythms and sounds, butsoon the DJ booth became more attractive and within notime he had learned the tricks of the trade. His sense forrhythm helped him to grow into his new passion quickerthan anyone could have ever expected and soon the firstbookings came in.With performances at events such as Grotesque, TresChique and Summerlake in Holland and Open Air Festival inPoland his name began to rise and his sounds began toattract people. With his monthly podcast called ArtfullyBlended he now reaches people in all corners of the internetwho enjoy these live mixes. Jay Junior’s style can bedescribed as energetic, groovy and techy house with a dashof pure excitement and a big scoop of the true hands-upfeeling.He combines his sounds, skills and experience witha natural charisma and his true love for music, so all theingredients meet whenever Jay Junior takes over the decksand rocks the stage.




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