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Elek-fun aka Ignasi Romero, originally from Spain, has developed his interests on Music since he was a naive youngster influenced by his family, who were passionately devoted to Music.

During his early years vinyl was the only media accessible so he had lots of practice. This led to him becoming a fantastic DJ in and around Barcelona. He soon decided to go on to College and study advanced music production so he could build up the tools he would need for his new, chosen career path

Techno soon became his main output and he found himself DJing in some of the best Catalan clubs, places like Zoreks Club, Liquid Sky, The Loft, La cova, Eix Club, La Sala del Cel and Moog.

In 2003 he took a tour around Columbia where he was discovered by Mad House Projects Agency, Bogota who subsequently booked him exclusively for South America. In 2004 he toured around Paris, playing in clubs like Le Troisieme Lieu (Wanted parties) or Le Soleil de la Butte (Dinamix parties), organized by Sabotage Crew Agency. He also collaborated with Parisian radio programs, showing his freestyle side.

When his DJ career completely took off, Elek-fun also began to release his first lot of productions, in 2004 he worked on a promotional demo called ‘Wait Me’ which was released in the very popular Future Music magazine. He kept on slowly releasing tracks on labels such as Sol Records, Ignored Records, SC-Rec , Subversive Media, Hits Box, Tu Remix (Méjico), JP Releases, Prisma Records and EF Rec which is his own sub-label.

In 2009 he then decided to move to London to look for inspiration in Electronic Music. He liked the place so much that he stayed and now runs a very successful night, Leading Astray which attracts DJ’s and artists like Joey Beltram, Joel Mull, Jon Rundell and many more. The Leading Astray party now has got a monthly slot at club EGG, again hosting some very good artists.

Elek-fun is one of the few artists able to keep his own style, with this unique touch of Old school without being conditioned by the actual funky House fashion tendency rolling in London at the moment and this is what makes his performances cracking all the time. Leading Astray also set a stunning summer Event, which takes place once a month starting from May, THE BOAT PARTY, an exclusive party attended by hundreds of people who brings the dance floor on the River Thames giving truly unforgettable moments in Techno Music.

Only last year he set up his own label Leading Astray Records where he can showcase his work alongside artists such as Danniel Selfmade, Dani Sbert, and JJ Gullo.

Now signed to Bonzai we are excited about what the future might bring from this very talented artist.