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    Dinusha Ranasinghe / He become AKA ECHO DAFT is 2017 before that he was known as just Dinusha Ranasinghe by others. As he was alone, he chose music as his partner to free away his loneliness and also he learned music well enough that it suddenly become his life in 2011, and also it brought his life in to a whole new different platform.He worked in few popular media companies and production companies in Sri Lanka. Many songs and Commercials which he composed, has already released to the hand of public. In 2016 he moved to the field of DJ and in 2017 he released his 1st own EP. Later he succeed by opening his own music studio and making his own label of AUDIOVEN.Dinusha Ranasinghe who started his life career as a DJ in 2017, made his own unique style of bass lines and synth lines and also he created some beautiful progressive music with some classical arrangement which was heart catchy for the Sri Lankan Music fans.Even thought his public figure is a DJ he still likes if the people could reorganized him as a music composer or mixing or mastering engineer, that because his 1st step to the music field was an Audio Engineering.




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