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    A rich European heritage and a peerless passion for his art,Cihan Mareno’s status as ‘world citizen’ includes Germany,Belgium and the Netherlands on its path, with Turkish rootsalso playing their part. Cast-iron DJ credentials alongside aportfolio of production skills have seen the German nativeperform across northern Europe and beyond to Ibiza, Asiaand the USA, while producing a raft of original and remixmaterial that has been given the stamp of approval withsupport from Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola. 2014 has seenthe formation of the exciting Ella Unique record label andclothing brand as it begins to flourish with an exciting rosterof talent on core beliefs based upon, “soul, inspiration andheart”. A strong and successful career already behind him,Cihan Mareno’s work ethic cannot be called into question,as his star continues to shine brightly in the undergrounddance music arena.Cihan Mareno is a product of modern multi-cultural Europe.Born in Germany, raised in the Netherlands and nowresident in adjoining Belgium; a self proclaimed ‘worldcitizen’, Mareno’s Turkish roots further account for adistinctive blend of flavours so evident in his DJ andproduction work that has seen him push the boundaries ofhis chosen craft. Overcoming parental concern, it was not long before Cihan’spassion for the music he saw on Dutch television and radio,transformed into a will to succeed in a career littered with anunusually large number of pitfalls. An exceptional ear formusical tonality ensured that the small steps of warm up DJslots for friends in local Dutch clubs, soon developed intogiant strides as Mareno’s technique and skills rose to apoint where he began to hold his audiences captivated. Ajarring move to Belgium in the late 1990s, aged 17, onlyserved to strengthen his conviction as his maturing tastessaw a move toward the tech house arena. A residency inhis adopted Belgian homeland at club “Focus” followed, anda rapidly expanding set of DJ credentials saw gigs inPoland, Turkey, Asia and across mainland Europe, fromPoland to the UK. Among the plethora of clubs to provide aplatform for Mareno’s performing talents, “Cafe Anvers”,“Peppermill” and “La Rocca” have featured, with furtherglobal appearances in Ibiza and the USA cementing agrowing reputation. Since the turn of the decade, aproduction career, simultaneously blossoming adjacent to ademanding DJ schedule, has further seen Cihan Mareno locked in a studio producing and remixing a catalogue ofother artists with significant success.Now fully integrated into the underground dance movement,techno, tech and deep house are the vehicles that drive theCihan Mareno sound. Over half a century of Beatportproduction credits currently sit proudly next to his name,and, since the “Secret Sultan” EP first hit Sezer Uysal’s DarkPleasure imprint in 2010, Kaapro Rec, Soulman Music andTulipe Records have all captured Mareno’s pristine rhythmsand deep grooves, supported by such luminaries as RichieHawtin, Marco Carola, and many more2014’s opening months have shown no let-up in the growingportfolio of skills with the launch of a new record label andclothing brand under the “Ella Unique” banner effortlesslycombining the inextricably linked components of music andfashion with Cihan Mareno’s own “sense and style”. Withambition to produce digital and vinyl releases and thecreation of a “lifestyle brand” through the Ella Unique name,Mareno’s infectious optimism is based upon the simplepremise that, in spite of the economic realities of the moderntwenty-first century, inner beliefs are paramount and, “whenthings are carried out from the heart, they have a habit ofworking out.” A simple maxim provides a simple set of corebeliefs: money is important but not to the detriment of “soul,inspiration and personal relationships”.A growing roster of talent, a burgeoning fashion brand anda passion for music that has seen an enviable collection ofskills forged in the competitive arenas of live appearanceand production work. The future is certainly exciting forCihan Mareno as his star continues to shine brightly in theunderground dance music firmament. ● RA DJ Page –● Twitter –● Soundcloud –● Facebook –● Cube 7




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