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    Christian Bonori is an Italian Techno DJ, producer and remixer. Since his late teens he has been passionate about techno and house music. He started his DJ career back in 2000 and has since performed at some of the top Italian clubs as well as Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Lithuania. Christian has been resident DJ at Plastik Club since 2010 where he has played alongside top renowned DJ’s over the years.

    While working as a DJ, he quickly realized that he wanted to express his own musical ideas and feelings through music production and engineering. To pursue such an ambitious goal, Christian entered a key partnership with Paul Stone, a music producer with releases on Compost Records with the Streetvibes Group and a fruitful collaboration with the Black Box group.

    Over the years, Christian has released unique tracks and remixes on respected US and European record labels, including Supermarket Unlimited, Galore Music, ODA Digital, Tracer Records, System Recordings, Plusquam Records, Catwalk Records, Future Audio, Cohagen Records, Le Mans Recordings, Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings, Funkatronic, Code2 Records and many more.

    With an already very impressive repertoire we see exciting times ahead working with Christian.

    Don’t miss his upcoming releases with King Street Sounds and Bonzai Progressive!




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