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Chris Harris

Chris Harris


With over 20 years experience within the music industry, it is somewhat surprising that the name Chris Harris hasnít popped up sooner but then that just wouldnít be his style. Chris started his music career in 1992 as a bass player in a local band before also turning his hand to DJing in 1994. He enjoyed reasonable success with both his band and his DJ career performing all over the Country and at Festivals with his band whilst holding down a DJ Residency at the Dorchester Club in the City of Wolverhampton, a hive of music during the 90s.

As a DJ he was known for playing all genres of dance music from House to Happy Hardcore at clubs, various private parties and events but always had a love of Trance and Progressive, however in 2005 he took a break from music altogether after growing disillusioned with the dance scene.
After a break of 6 years Chris couldnít resist his natural urge to write and perform music and returned to the music scene. Starting back out on the DJ trail playing at local events such as Flaunt, SmAcK and Puzzled, Chris also threw himself into production focussing on his love of Progressive Trance, with his first release coming in February 2014 with ëLost In The Eastí on Transportal Digital. This was followed by his track Whatís Left Of Them.. catching the ears of Bonzai Progressive (release date to be confirmed) and a remix request too.

Chris has also spent the last few years studying music after returning to University which helped him to develop his compositional and production skills and allow him to explore other genres of music. He has also used this knowledge to privately teach others and deliver lectures to music students, although his main focus is to continue to produce progressive dance music using all the influences that have shaped him as a musician over the years, do not be surprised if you hear him producing other styles of music.

His tracks to date all have various influences from Goa & Psy to Techno and Trance and this is indicative of his sound at the moment but Chris is not one for standing still, as history shows.