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    Chris Cargo


    Chris Cargo started his production career in the late 1990s, and has been a household name within the electronic music scene ever since.He is best known for his Melodic House vibes, but has invented a host of other monikers, including Transitions, Sentinel and Caragnoid each representing a different shade of his eclectic production sound and each giving an idea of his true versatility.Chris has always gained consistent support for his many varied club releases from DJ giants such as Digweed, Cox, Howells, Lawler, Warren and Garnier etc.He is a multi talented DJ and producer who has regularly toured for the likes of Renaissance, Smirnoff, Tennents and Kent Tobacco many of which have seen Chris ply his wares on several large scale tours around China, USA, Russia and South America.As a DJ, Chris has traveled the world wowing the crowds in Shanghai to Zurich, Amsterdam to Moscow, Kualar Lumpur to Paris docking in over 60 countries along the way including Siberia, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Finland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Malaysia, China, Mexico.In addition, his music has appeared on many compilations for the likes of Renaissance, Intec, Seb Fontaine,Danny Howells, Valentino Kanzyani, Anthony Pappa, Slinky,Privledge-Ibiza, Global Underground and has had major BBC Radio 1 plays and multiple reviews in publications such as Mixmag & DJ Magazine.After a short hiatus Chris has returned to his seminal roots with a host of new productions on the wayHis upcoming Paragon EP will be released on “Soundteller Records” on Monday 24th April 2017.




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