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Ben Solar

Ben Solar


Belgian DJ and producer Benjamin Vanderzeypen aka Ben Solar got into music from an early age, fed by the groove of minimal techno and tech-house he started creating his first tunes in 2004.

The first steps into the world of electronic music were very small, but after all those years of blood sweat and hard work, the deep soundscapes, crazy riffs and driving basslines came together very well and they developed a new way of living and Ben Solar was born. His first tracks were picked up very fast by Labels all over the world.

As a producer he spends a lot of time on Ableton live and is producing more and more tech-house and house influenced tracks.

As a DJ, he tries to keep up with every new track on the market. Every DJ set will be different, interesting and gives you a great idea on what’s new in the scene. Some of the sets and podcasts can be downloaded on his website and is a great way to get to know this talented guys style..

When you hire Ben Solar the only thing that matters is to satisfy the crowd, the organisation and the people who work backstage.